Let’s Get Together


Chocolate and Vanilla.

Chocolate and Peanut butter.

Salt and Caramel.

Chocolate and Raspberries.

Enough already!

I love chocolate okay?

Throughout history humans have combined things to make them better. I apparently want more sweets. But there are countless other ways for things to come together and increase in value.

In WWII, the Allies combined forces to walk away with a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that benefited humanity.

Music is a constant combination and recombination of various people, instruments, sounds and cultures.

Heck, America is just one giant combination!

For Day 95 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I determine 10 businesses that could benefit from merging all their efforts and creating a monopoly.

At first I was like…. I have NO IDEA!

But then that is where my last 94 days of training kicked in and my idea machine was turned on.

I came up with the following monopoly of the automobile industry. It can be called Autotopoly! It is the combination of business involved with cars in any capacity so the following businesses would be examples, but there could be several others that would fit in too or instead.

1 Kwik Kar – Oil Change, Auto Services, Auto Repair
2 Just Brakes – Auto repair and factory scheduled maintenance services, including brakes, oil changes, fluid services, batteries, belts, hoses and more.
3 AutoZone – Auto Parts & Accessories | Repair Guides & More
4 O’Reilly Auto Parts – Auto parts and accessories
5 Discount Tire – Tires & Wheels
6 NAPA Auto Parts
7 ANY Car Dealership
8 ANY Car Manufacturer
9 Car Toys – Car Audio & Video, GPS Navigation, Etc.
10 National Tire & Battery (NTB)
11 Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Rental Cars
12 ANY Auto Insurance Company
13 Caliber Collision – Auto Body Repair & Paint Shop
14 ANY Company that does Custom Vehicle Wraps – Graphics on the outside of a vehicle for advertising
15 ANY Car Wash Company

As you can see there is great potential here to combine or merge any of these companies. The auto industry is always changing and innovating too so there will be numerous opportunities in the future.

I found this idea machine to be fun to imagine I am putting together my own mega-corporation! It is fun to pretend to be able to pull strings and organize and own things. Or create directives that must be followed. Or just to goof off with your wife…

Who by the way I have convinced to start being her own idea machine 😉


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I will give you a hint, one was James Altucher.

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The story will tell how I discovered them, and why you should care.

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