A Day Of Giving

Hello Alton Brown Fans!

If you found this link from his site, welcome!

The post which he linked to is included below but only mentioned Alton Brown because of the baked egg recipe from which you came. The other stuff on this post and most of my blog is about ideas.

Ideas are great for sharing and spreading and being a positive influence on people around you. If you want to know more about why I blog about ideas, check out my book.

As for the post he linked to, you will find that below:


Days 91-180 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine are about giving away your idea. Only problem is….

I had yet to do so…

Until TODAY!

I am feeling so happy to be able to give away my ideas today.

For Day 96 I was supposed to come up with 10 ideas for article I could write that can make a difference. If I have time I will do that too but I wanted to share with you what else I have done already today:

I came up with 10 ideas for blog posts and gave them away!

My wife has a blog sarahpaine.com and was saying just the other day how she is not sure what to write about sometimes. So I decided to help her with my idea machine skills and came up with 10 ideas for blog post and gave them to her.

Not such a big deal, but this next one is awesome…

On my blog stats page I saw I had a new referrer. It was a couple of views from ideas-a-day.com. These folks so kindly linked to my humble blog here and so I checked out what it was they were up to.


And it is amazing!

They are helping people come up with ideas to write ideas about each day. I.E. Themes of what to write about. I am sure to be visiting them in the future for more ideas about ideas. In fact they have a cool way to submit themes to give back to the idea community.

I was so excited to help give theme ideas that instead of just filling out the form one at a time I found out how to email them via their Feedback button and sent them a list of these 20 themes!

Here is the email: 


StrangerArray here. First I would like to say thank you for the link to my website and your show of support! You are awesome and I want to help you so here are 10 theme suggestions to add to your collection to give away to others:

1. 10 Ways To Get Over Being Shy
Example: Start simple by responding to online social media comments until your more comfortable interacting with people

2. 10 Habits You Want To Break and Why
Example: Constantly checking my blog view status because I have better things to do…

3. 10 Foods You Have Been Meaning To Try But Have Been Too Scared To Do So
Example: Caviar

4. 10 Wild Animals You Wanted As A Pet When You Were A Kid
Example: Lion

5. 10 Songs You Always Get Stuck In Your Head
Example: Friday – Rebecca Black

6. 10 Sports Stars You Would Like To Meet And What Would You Say To Them
Example: Michael Jordan – I loved you in the movie Space Jam!

7. 10 Movies You Could Write A Better Ending For
Example: Nesting; This was an off-beat comedy with potential, but it fell short and needed a better ending to wrap up the story.

8. 10 Careers You Would Suggest Young People Avoid
Example: Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, etc.

9. 10 Times You Were Embarrassed and Why
Example: When I passed gas doing weighted squats in high school

10. 10 Times You Wish You Spoke Up For Yourself And How Your Life Might Be Different If You Did
Example: When I was a kid and needed to use the restroom, but went in my pants instead…It would have been much better to have just asked where the restroom was.

11. 10 Shows You Think Are Too Predictable And Why
Example: The Big Bang Theory because it is a sitcom…

12. 10 Reasons Not To Trust Anyone
Example: They always let you down

13. 10 Reasons To Be More Trustworthy
Example: Building trust is worth it to have someone know you care

14. 10 Ways To Cook Eggs
Example: Baked

15. 10 Hobbies That Could Earn You Income
Example: Redecorating or remodeling houses

16. 10 Ways To Have A Good Time Without Drugs Or Alcohol
Example: Rock climb

17. 10 Plays You Think People Need To See Live
Example: Cyrano de Bergerac

18. 10 Unusual Sports And Why You Think They Are Not More Popular
Example: Cornhole because it is fun to play and boring to watch

19. 10 Life Lessons You Could Turn Into Children’s Books
Example: Eating a bowl full of sugar on your birthday will make you get a stomach ache and need to cancel the party

20. 10 Plants You Could Eat If You Got Stuck In The Rainforest/Wild/Desert
Example: Prickly Pear Cactus found in the deserts of North America

Okay, so I did 20 instead of 10 because I was excited and just couldn’t stop. If you ever need some more just shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to reach into my well of ideas and share the wealth!


Michael (aka StrangerArray)

Am I Bragging?

Not directly. Mostly I am excited to GIVE my ideas away and hadn’t had a chance to do so yet these past few days. So this has gotten me pumped up and excited about the next 85 or so days left. Already my world is changing all around me and I am sure it will continue to do so in the future.

Here is my call to action for you my dear reader:

If YOU want your own list of 10 ideas for blog posts, for themes for what to write ideas about, or anything else, just sign up to follow me or leave a comment below with what you would like for me to do for YOU!



P.S. Want to know who influenced me the most?

I will give you a hint, one was James Altucher.

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature him along with eight other prominent people.

The story will tell how I discovered them, and why you should care.

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself by joining me to Conspire to Inspire.



Need an idea of what theme to write ideas about? Go to http://ideas-a-day.com/ for thousands of themes for ideas plus maybe the 20 above. 


Need a Ghostwriter? Check me out on Fiverr.
Ad an add here at the end of my blog via my Fiverr gig.



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