The Day The Idea Machine Died

Then it came to and end.

Well not a final end.

More of a pause really.

Let us say “personal day”.

I had plenty of time and everything to do today’s idea machine list and ideas. However I didn’t because well you may have not noticed, but I am human.

And sometimes humans don’t always do what they set out to do.

No problem. I will get back to it tomorrow. And pick up where I left off.

No harm, no foul as us chaps like to say out on the sports area.

Instead of doing my idea machine work today here is what I did do:

  • Slept in late to 5 AM. Which is late for me.
  • Ate breakfast with my wife which was awesome!
  • Fed my dogs.
  • Checked out some budget information about our bills.
  • Calculated how big my backyard is so I could calculated how much dirt I wanted.
  • Deposited a check at the bank.
  • Got a snack at the store after finding out dirt is too expensive to pay for.
  • Played some golf solitaire online.
  • Got frustrated a program wouldn’t load properly.
  • Made lunch plans with my sister.
  • Took an hour nap.
  • Wrote for about 30 minutes on the book my wife and I are writing together.
  • Met up my sister for a delicious lunch at a place I had never been to before.
  • Got an email from a friend about an idea I sent him.
  • Spent some time catching up with her.
  • Got a snack.
  • Came home and fed my dogs.
  • Got a call from my wife.
  • Went with my wife to dinner at the same place I ate lunch because it was that good.
  • Went to a few stores with my wife.
  • Came home took a shower and played with my dogs.
  • Split a Prickly Pear Shiner with the misses.
  • Edited a few articles I had written for an idea I have for my business.
  • Realized I was too tired to actually do the idea machine thing today.
  • Wrote this instead.

Then I am probably just gonna go to bed.


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