One Looks So Much Cooler…

Lazy or Hardworking?

Sometimes I wonder if I am lazy with fits of productivity and hard work or if I am a productive hard worker with fits of laziness. Better yet why even put a label on it? Either way it doesn’t really describe exactly what I want to bring up. Plus what exactly does “hard worker” mean anyways. You have a difficult time doing things?

I just saw this quote by Guy Kawasaki and his article “Let’s Stop the Glorification of Busy” with which I agree. However that is not what I want to bring up either.

So out with it!

I have been thinking much about why I have not wanted to do anything.

Here is what I came up with:

  • I can’t do what I want so I don’t want to do what I don’t want to do.
  • I have to do what I don’t want to do so I don’t want to do it.
  • I can do what I want but I have been waiting or making excuses not to do it.
  • In an attempt to avoid rejection or failure, I have not started/tried to succeed.
  • I have a strange liking of the feeling of procrastination.

    And that is the one I want to address.


Dear Procrastination,

I love you. Seriously. I do but I am not breaking up with you. In fact I am just going to include you in my life in a more fitting way. When you come I will not fear you. I will not fret about you. I will not wring my hands and pity myself for you.

Instead I will accept you procrastination for who you are. I will embrace you. I will love you. When I have a ton of experience (which is overrated) in something it can be useful to realize that if something works sometimes just let it work. I don’t have to change everything for the sake of change. I have been successful at procrastination. I have waited until the last minute and then pulled through with flying colors.

I shine under a deadline. Or at least get by well enough to live another day. I don’t know specifically. What I do know is that I have been thinking in the former way of things on the view of procrastination. Now I want to usher in a new era of accepting procrastination as part of myself and my process. I have studied for 30 minutes before test and made perfect scores. I have waited until right before presentations and then done fine.

At the very least I should be okay with it because I keep doing it and don’t plan on changing.

Your new pal,


Also here are some other times I talked about being lazy:

I sometimes feel like my life is going nowhere.

That I am stuck.

It is usually for me when I let myself get overwhelmed by trying to take on too many interests at the same time. Or when I am being particularly lazy and just doing the same simple things over and over again but not trying changeling things. I don’t know really when I feel this way. It is when I let myself do things the “easy way”.

Once I told a counselor that I could get things done without much effort but I was not really feeling fulfilled by anything. He basically asked me, “Why do you do things half-ass?” I was angry with him because he was right. I did, and sometimes do, things half-ass. I need to give my best effort to feel like I am not just wasting away.

With this new view on procrastination I will not feel stuck. When I am delaying I will be resting. I am a word wizard. And to be honest the words you use matter because they can change your thoughts. You can change how you view things by how you describe them. I am sure most all of you have heard of the view of being “poor” or being “rich but without any money right now…”. I think I read that in one of Guy Kawasaki’s books also.


It’s not my job

This is a lazy excuse. If this is your outlook then you are probably miserable in more than one way. Nothing is anyone’s job really. No one gets paid enough to do that. People either are mature. Or duty bound. Or think they “have to”. Whatever it is the job will get done. If it is not by you then you are not really a team player. Collaboration is growing greater than ever with the internet connecting everyone. So make things that aren’t your job your job so you can be more successful more able to take control of your own life.

Something not being someone’s job does not exactly have to do with procrastination. But it could…

You don’t want to do something so you put it off. And then when you are called out on it, you don’t take responsibility for it.

For me, I don’t use this excuse often, if at all…

What can we take away from this in relation to procrastination?

I don’t know. Do you have any suggestions?


Wasting So Much Of My Life

There is no simple story to wrap up what I mean by this one. I just feel that there has been several times in my life where I have been wasteful with my life. I have not been intentional with my time. I have not done things that are productive (not that you always have to be productive). I would just waste hours. I played computer games for several hours straight. I would watch TV for countless numbers of hours. I have binge watched Netflix. I am talking about being wasteful beyond just resting or relaxing. But indulgently being lazy and wasting time. One thing as I get older is I notice that time is something you can never get back. That how you spend it is important. Although the expression commonly heard is “time equals money” I think that is not true. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time.

For this I can be pro-actively procrastinating. Instead of indulgently being lazy, I can be doing something restorative for my body or mind. Relaxing, meditating, reading for fun, something other than stupid things. This was something Mark Ford hit on in a way in his book Living Rich. He suggest viewing things as “self-destructive habits”, “zombie behavior”, or “enriching experiences” and using “The Five-Minute Trick” to get yourself to do “enriching experiences”. “The Five-Minute Trick” being to tell yourself you will do something like “write your bestseller” for 5 minutes before you go watch TV. Then you will most likely spend more than five minutes writing your book but you broke down that barrier that was keeping you from getting started. Mark does a way better job going into the details of it and you should check out his book if you can get a chance.



I don’t allow myself to make excuses. If I do something wrong I admit it. If I don’t do something because I am lazy or don’t feel like it, I don’t make an excuse. I call it what it is and then accept it. It is better to live with truth then live a lie through excuses.

My new view of accepting procrastination fits with accepting not making excuses. Living with the truth is better than living a lie.


I did play little league baseball growing up and I loved it. I started around the age of 6 playing T-Ball. I played until I was about 13 when I quit because my coach wanted to practice everyday. Even though I was a skinny and sorta athletic kid I also am kind of lazy. I would always play at recess and once I learned how to inline skate and watched the movie Mighty Ducks, my friends and I would play street hockey.

Being friends with procrastinantion now does nothing for my past…

Moving on…


For Day 101 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to come up with 10 ideas for short YouTube videos I could make (or YOU could make…) that would teach something.

1 How to Have Email Etiquette
2 How to Talk Sports (Even If You Are Not A Sports Fan)
3 How to Find A Bathroom Quickly
4 How to Make Money At Your Next Garage Sale
5 How to Train Your Dog Tricks
6 How to Estimate Costs For Shipping Books On eBay
7 Ten Tips to Deal with Rejection
8 Ten Tips to Deal with Negative Criticism
9 Ten “Truths” About Banking That You Should Question
10 Ten Ways That Will Change The Way You Thing About Procrastination

So am I lazy or hardworking? You decide…


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