How Starbucks Didn’t Have to Lose $4 Million and 9 Other Book Ideas

Doubts. Worries. Fears.

If I don’t admit to having these I am lying.

I don’t have any of these.

That’s a lie.

It was a test to see if you and I were paying attention.

Attention is a form of payment. You can give it and you can get it.

You can beg for it. You can bargain for it. You can buy it.

But why do we all crave it so?

Are there others who do not have this hungry ghost of wanting attention?

Some people desire it so greatly that they do anything even if it gets them negative attention, because getting attention in any way (positive or negative) gives the same internal satisfaction. Sure we might have hurt feelings from the negative attention, but the attention was acquired and that was the end goal.

Or am I just the only one here?

That is a different metaphysical rabbit trail I refuse to follow…

Anyways, back to life, back to reality

What would make this a good post to be worth value to be worth your attention?

How about a list and a FREE gift

For Day 102 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to come up with 10 Books I could write today, under 40 pages that could give value.

Claudia dares us even to write and publish them, which I may. However I actually have done this with the first book. You may have noticed… or not. It is that whole attention thing again…

1. Conspire To Inspire: Everything Is Awesome When You Are Part Of A Team


I wrote this book and it is available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle, CreateSpace in paperback.


For YOU it is FREE.

Now this is not a FREE thing where you give me your email.

It is not a FREE thing where you sign up to follow me (allow I encourage it).

It is not a FREE thing that you have to give me a review once you read it (that would be nice though…).

It is 100% FREE digitally in PDF by clicking the following link:                       .

It is yours for nothing.

Now why I think it has value for you. It is a story of inspirational and influential people. There are eight profiles, one is Claudia, and then I ask YOU for your inspirational story. Why I think my story about these people are valuable to you? I think my story will give you encouragement to look into the lives and work of the influencers. The influencers are valuable for you to consider how they could change your life. At the very least I think it has value to entertain.


2. All Natural: Being 100% You

This is a book I am in the process of writing with my wife. In short, it’s about how living a life that is authentic is better for you and everyone else. It shares our stories and struggles with finding our way in this 21st century world where we juggle the spaces between our “in real life” self and our “online self”. This book will focus on how we feel like our lives where improved by changing our thinking on some key issues like tying to live the “American Dream”, how we Avoid Burnout, and something else. I forget and don’t want to go look…

Stay tuned and we will let you know when we release it for purchase and when there are free copies available.

This I think will have value to YOU in following ways:

  • Encourage you to be authentic and not afraid of what people think about you
  • Entertain you with our stories
  • Inspire you to take action on things that will make your life better

And hopefully much, much more…


3. 10 Weird Spelling Tricks and Why You Should Ignore Them

This is valuable because it takes a look at what we are taught as “norms” and “rules” and then turns them on their head (so to speak). I don’t have 10 spelling rules or tricks yet, but if I put my idea machine to it I think I could.

For example I always remember the phrase “i before e, except after c”. Although this might be true, I can never figure out when and why to apply it. Maybe that’s just me… I have never been a spelling genius, but look at me now… I’m a writer. Go figure.

I think it is a good rule to ignore spelling and grammar rules because language is fluid. The words and grammar constructs we now use have not always been. In fact English has not always been. So why hold fast and hard to rules that in 1000 years may be a footnote in history when we all speak a new and better language?


4. New Math For Old Minds

I don’t have kids.

I have worked in the school system as a substitute for four years.

Nowadays there is going around an idea of “new math”. Well this book would explain that in simple terms to parents. It would show what “old math” was  and what “new math” is and then describe the transition and the reasons behind it.

It will be valuable because it shows people why it changed and what they can do about it.


5. How to Stay in Business During A System Failure

Here is looking at you Starbucks.

According to one estimate “at the end of the day, $3 or $4 million lost”. This article says it is just a “drop in the bucket. Plus, the company probably won over a bunch of customers giving away free coffee.” Which may be true, but I don’t have $3 or $4 million and I bet you don’t either and I bet Starbucks would prefer to, that is why they do what they do…

As much as I love free coffee and like that some stores did this I have another idea. I go to Starbucks occasionally, and I happened to try to go this past Friday when this outage occurred. The first store we rolled up to I noticed the guy stacking the chairs upside down on the tables.

A clear sign of closing time, which around 6:30pm on a Friday was unexpected.

As I drew nearer to the door I saw a paper sign with sharpie.

I didn’t even have to read it to know…

They were closed.

Well I live in America. And North Texas. So There were a million other Starbucks, surely we would just pop over to the next one. Perhaps I should have read the paper sign…

The next one was closed.

Then the next one.

My book would have helped them earn maybe not the $3 to $4 million but at least a portion of that.

So their Point of Sale Register system went down. Meaning no computer to ring up drinks and keep track of sales and no way to accept credit and debit payments…

Here is the thing. Any store manager could have still taken CASH. Write down everything! Write down the orders with pen and paper. Write down the prices. Most cashiers have them memorized or could calculate them (I hope…).

This would alienate non-CASH customers, but it would still earn some money.

Or this UNORTHODOX ALTERNATIVE. A store manager may have gotten fired for this, but they might not have if they were the only store to still hit their sales numbers in the midst of an outage. The store manager could have set up a dedicated PayPal account, or other online account and then accepted payment through a system like that. There is Square Cash and a whole host of other similar options.

Like I said this may be unsanctioned and even fire-able. But when you are the only store to have made money you should hold your head up proud and come find me, I would hire you for being smarter than the machine.

Again you would have to document everything and probably eat the transaction fees, but hey some of $3 or $4 million is better than none…


6. Why Writing Is Good For Your Health

This is a valuable book about making your life better by encouraging you to write every day. It will examine others who have done this very thing as an example and guide you on how to start for yourself.


7. Trading To Win

This book will be about trading and show you that it can be win-win and not have to be win-lose. Ever make trades in Monopoly? Not likely to happen unless it benefits both parties. Same as in the game, same in life. People don’t want to lose, they want to win. And if you both win, then better!

The NFL draft is a great example of making trades. Trade up? Trade down? As long as it helps your team and the other team get what you think you need/want then you both win.

Or ever see about Kyle and his one red paper clip?

And then there is the TV show Barter Kings.

Whatever the example, I think there is a ton of value in learning the trade of trade.


8. Making Sense of Auto Insurance

I know I would get this book. If you save 15% or more on your car insurance… wait that is someone else’s commercial…

My book would show the ins and outs of buying car insurance to newbies and a few tips for the old pros. What exactly is a deductible and how much should it be? What about comprehensive coverage? Collision?

What do all these words mean? And how can I get the best deal?

Well read on…


9. How to Sell EVERYTHING: The Complete Guide to a Successful Garage Sale

Often times at the end of a long hot day, you end up moving everything back into your garage and seeing that you didn’t even make enough cash to cover lunch out that day…

Why did you not sell EVERYTHING?

This book will take a look at how to make a garage sale successful.

It will include things like DON’T sell anything you don’t want to get rid of. Seriously. If you don’t want to part with it, don’t put it out for sale.

Do make deals. On EVERYTHING. This mean having realist expectations on what the value of things are. The true value. The secondary market value. The garage sale value. Hint: It is any price someone will give you for it. I wanted $100 for something. Nope. I wanted $50 for it.  Nope. I got $30. I could have not sold it because I didn’t get the “value” I wanted, well nobody but this lady wanted to buy it, and I wanted to sell it. Deal! +$30.

Making realistic goals and hitting them. I wanted to get $100 for the day. We did!

Giving away items. Having a FREE section/box. Plus we gave away sodas and waters with every purchase. Someone would be holding something and be on the fence about buying it. I would go up to them and tell them about the free drink promotion and ask them which one they wanted, then get it and put it in their hand. Now they wanted the drink, so they bought the items.

The book will cover these ideas and so much more…


10. Kiss “Debt Free” Goodbye! Why Financing EVERYTHING is the New Normal

I applauded people who are debt free. I understand why you might want to be. But is this just another thing you are chasing to feel like your life is complete or satisfied? For me it was an object of focus and attention.  Am I debt free? No. Do I want to be? Sure. Will I be? Not soon.


We live in a different world than the minds that encourage us not to be in debt.

We are born in debt. We live in debt. We die in debt.

Debt is life.

What happened?

Saving up cash for a car might have been reasonable and doable when it could be bought for $500 in the 1980s. What about now? A base model starts at $12K used! How long does it take to save that in cash especially if you only make $15/hour. Which if you do might be good or high comparatively speaking to that of the minimum wage. Math is $12,000 divided by $15 = 800 hours. And that is not including income or other taxes, and all the other living expenses you have between the time you start and the time you end. So if you could work just 800 hours at 40 hours per week and dedicate it strait to paying for a car (which you need to get to the job…), it would take you 20 weeks or almost half a year.

I just pointed out one of the reasons you get a car financed, you need it to get to work to earn that income. Now there are other ways to earn income and make money nowadays that are better than making a per hour wage, but for the sake of argument, let us not include that at the moment. Not all people have to do this, but many think they do. For them until they find other sources of income, passive and other investments, they will be trading hours for dollars and they will need to finance things.

One you make several forms of income and have higher cash flows, then perhaps you can save up and pay cash for everything. But even then you might not want to. Why would you sink a 20% down payment into buying a house when you could have that cash liquid? Think about it this way, 20% of a $200,000 house is $40,000. Now paying that into your house may reduce your monthly payment, which might be a goal or yours.

I am not a mortgage lender so this numbers are not specifically how it works (given that I am not even accounting for taxes, insurance or interest) but let us take a look anyways as some simple math. Over the life of a 30 year loan of $200,000 you would have 360 payments of approximately $555.55. If you reduce the principle of the loan by the 20% you have $160,000 and over 360 payments of approximately $444.44. Now I know there is interest and the rest… but purely on these numbers that is only a savings of about $111.11 a month. Which may or may not be useful to you. But $40,000 cash to invest in something that returns much more may be of infinite value to you… but you have to decided and do the work and that is more than what most people want to do.

The choice is yours, but with more and more things being financed, and several even at 0% at times, the question no longer is “will you be debt free” but rather “how best to manage your debts”.

Financing is here to stay. People make too much money off of it to have it go away. Prices are rising due to financing. Look at college tuition. If it weren’t for financing they couldn’t get away with charging so much. But they do, because they know they can get it funded by lenders who know they can get it paid back by you…

I could go on, but maybe if I write it, you will have to buy the book, that is unless I give it away free…

I do have fears, worries, and doubts… but I just find ways to work around them because the show must go on. Or because what the hell else am I gonna do?


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