Failure is an option.

Usually not desired. Unless you are into self-sabotage. But failure is an option.

The deal with accepting failure is that it can become comfortable. I can start coming up with reasons and excuses to justify my failure. I can console my mind with rationalizations why I failed or what caused the failure.

Either way it does not matter.


Failure is not always about performance.

Sometimes failure is good because it shows a weakness.

Other times it is good because it proves to me that I am just a man.

However, the lure is to get comfortable with the problem and then accept and embrace it.

This seems so abstruse.

I am not under any false illusions that people were counting on me blogging yesterday. I just wanted to share what happened anyways because someone might have seen it…

I want to be totally open and honest and in doing so I hope to garner your trust and affection.

I mean come one I told you I was desperate for attention the other day…

Was that true?


Like I wrote, who isn’t?

Also yesterday I wrote that “maybe I am just disappointed myself.” I don’t think anyone was confused by this but I wanted to clarify to ease my mind. I just thought right now while typing this of all the times when I would watch Doogie Howser, M.D. and Neil Patrick Harris was narrating… that is what I envision happening here right now.

What I want to say is that I am not disappointed with myself. I don’t feel like anything was wrong with not posting yesterday. I am merely disappointed that I didn’t manage my time and priorities better. It happens to the worst of us… or um I mean the best of us… well to me.

Anyways, moving on…

That was weird to me but I felt like I needed to do it. And this just keeps getting stranger.

I brought up failure being an option as if it was a choice. Failure is an option whether or not we accept that. Everything is an option. Not everything is within our control.

So many people run around trying to be in control of everything or their own life. I am often under the impression that I can control much that happens, but then I realize that I also think that control is an illusion. It is like telling your dog to do whatever it is currently doing and then having satisfaction as if it listened to your command.

There is so much that I can impact and effect but very little of it is actually within my power to control.

That is part of the reason why I trust my life to God.

Well now here we are at the end of another day. I did come up with ideas today, but not along with the book’s theme or for any specific day.

However, after yesterday I am still getting things back into working order and will be firing on all cylinders tomorrow.


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