Hot Sports Opinions

This may come as a shock.

I am not exactly up to speed on all the celebrity gossip.

Truth be told I do click on the articles from time to time when a headline grabs my attention.

Which is not hard to do when I am just passing time…

Well I might not be up to speed on general celebrity news, but I do listen to an abundant amount of sports talk radio.


For one thing it is the least annoying thing I’ve found to listen to on the radio. And after awhile I just came to like it.

I am not a huge sports fan. I was not very involved in sports growing up. I did play little league baseball, until I quit when I was 13 because of the coaching wanting to practice too much for my tastes. During recesses in elementary school I would usually be picked last because I was either the smallest or just about the smallest guy out there.

I’d play to be part of the group but I always felt like a marginal part.

I tried out for middle school basketball and didn’t make even the B or C team, let alone the A team.

I don’t blame them though.

I didn’t make a single basket in tryouts.

As for football, I was too afraid to have to shower in the locker rooms at school so I didn’t even try out. Plus I wasn’t that interested in it anyways.

I got really into hockey for a little bit. I even tried to learn to ice skate. But after I played one season of inline hockey I called it quits because I was terrible and I was usually winded from lack of cardio capabilities.

Never was interested in soccer. Looked like too much running.

Which is ironic that I had picked up running when I started to get in shape as a young adult. Mostly it had to do with the low price of entry into the sport and a lack of needing to rely on anyone else to participate.

So why the run down of of my sports history?

For Day 104 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to come up with 10 suggestions for a celebrity to reinvent. I’ve decided to pick 10 athletes that I think could use an image update and provide some ideas for each.

I have no real clue on how to be an image consultant or PR or anything like that but I will give it a go.

As a disclaimer I in no way support any of these athletes past behaviors not condone what they may have done. But if it wasn’t for those things I might not be choosing to give them ideas to turn things around…

Because of the recent NFL draft, we will start with some new Cowboys:

Randy Gregory was the Dallas Cowboys Round 2 pick at number 60.


And shortly after got this…


Now I am new to being a football fan, but from my limited understanding, getting drafted does not equal making the team.

Getting a tattoo of a team you may or may not be on… well that just ain’t smart.

And there has been much talk about how smart Randy might be that he failed a drug test he knew he would be soon taking…

Besides any other off the field issues, I would suggest to Mr. Gregory that he find a team of experienced counselors to work out some of his issues that have been brought up. There is nothing wrong with talking to someone and getting some things off your chest. Hopefully he turns from drug use and realizes that clean living will help him be not only a better player, but just be more capable to live a more fulfilling life.

He is not the first to be in this sort of position and won’t be the last… so I am sure there are people out there that can help him. I just suggest he seeks them out.


Greg Hardy once introduced himself as the Kraken from Hogwarts.

As funny as I find that…. which I find hilarious, I think things like this do not go over well with the general public. Not that that matters, but at some point if you are in the public eye, it is necessary to be conscientious of it.

Hardy recently got handed down a 10 game suspension for his involvement in a domestic abuse case. Obviously I am against violence towards women. However, Hardy like anyone needs forgiveness and grace. Now I encourage him to not continue any such actions from here on out, but after his penalty he should be given a chance.

In Dallas he has that chance to start over.

Now this may sound ridiculous in regards to a sports star, but I would recommend Greg stay away from the dating scene for at least a year. This might sound extreme but getting your head and heart right is no silly thing. If self-control is a problem in this area it would be good to put these things aside until a later time.

Focus up on football and do awesome and in the future you’ll have the rest of you life to work on forming a healthy relationship.


Last but not least, Tony Romo.

Love him or hate him he has only one option to turn his image around and that is nothing less than winning the Super Bowl.

Sorry Tony. Hope it works out for ya…


Turning to the Diamond, let’s visit the Rangers:

Josh Hamilton

His return to the team is not universally well received. Upon departing he said that Dallas-Fort Worth was “not a true baseball town”. Now to be honest it is silly to hold this against him, but that he would not straight out say he was sorry when he came back did not help put him in a good position to win back fans.

My concerns with the guy is that he had a know past problem with drug use and then decided to move out to LA anyways…

I don’t know much about LA and I could be totally wrong, however my internet news is usually full of negative news from the City of Angels. And much of the news involving Josh’s drug of choice…

From what I understand Hamilton is planning on putting back together a support group of guys he can turn to in hard times. Good for him if he follows through.

It is hard to call someone and tell them about almost making a mistake or admitting to one after the fact.

Besides the serious drug issues, he should get counseling for his relationship that has come to an end in divorce. Now that it has happened, however he feels about it, healing still needs to occur. He has children to care for and needs to at least do well in his own life to be a positive father for them.

For the fans?

Stop being a jackass.


Derek Holland seems like a good dude…

And may not move your needle as needing an image update. But he does.

He missed most of last season from tripping on his dog Wrigley on the stairs… well in his story at least.

Also he may have been playing a pickup game of hockey with some Dallas Stars hockey players and… well that is just a “rumor”.

Then there is Derek’s twitter that may not be inauthentic but comes off as one huge braggy. Almost channeling CJ Wilson

Also his injury this season has put him out of play again…

With pitching a huge need for his team, it would be good if Derek could get healthy.

To help with his image I would have him concentrate on doing his rehab assignments and not tell everyone about it.


While we are here let us not forget the ever controversial Rangers GM, Jon Daniels.

This guy is younger and from New York. That is basically two strikes we can’t do anything about.

His potential third is all the what seem to be hap hazard trades.

He made some fans mad with letting both Hamilton and Ian Kinsler go. Both bad mouthed him and the Rangers after. And it is not clear how much he may have had to do with the ousting of the beloved Nolan Ryan.

Also the acquisition of Prince Fielder was a bust last season, but things seem to be coming around this year, kinda… Then we also have the Shin Soo Choo contract that is just a hot mess and given his low batting average this season, things are not looking with him.

What should Jon do about this image problem?

Probably what he already is doing, which is mainly ignoring it. He seems genuinely interested in putting together a winning team. Turns out it is harder than it looks. Ever even try to play fantasy baseball? Geeze.


Now that they got knocked out of the playoffs, let’s talk Mavericks

I’d say Rajon Rondo needs to work on his image, but he is pretty much gone from the Mavericks given that his contract was up at the end of the season and his resulting poor performance in the post-season. He still should work on his image as being a cry baby but given that he most likely won’t be back with the Mavs, let’s move on…


Dirk Nowitzki

The Big German has done Dallas a great service. He is the reason this town has any major sports championships this decade. Let alone this century and millennium… The Stars in 1999 were the most recent title winners before that with their Stanley Cup win.

But Dirk is going on 37 this summer and although his hometown discount has helped the team get some potential, they have fallen flat (see above). Dirk himself didn’t have that great of a season and playoff appearance. So if he is going to be playing for awhile to come he should consider taking on the role of the Sixth Man. Sorta like The Jet when he was at his end with the Mavs.

Nowitzki has weathered some media storms with personal life issues in the past and has come out well so I don’t know if he needs any advice there.


Turning to Golf we do got a guy with a rocky image…

Tiger Woods

As you can tell I thought he might be a robot. I mean come on with the “activation” excuse…

He has had past marital infidelity that may be forgotten by most, but that sorta personal stuff does affect profession play if he wants to admit it or not…

And making his way back from injury before he was ready just makes him look foolish. I understand you don’t get to such a high level without a deep drive for competition, but what is he after? Another masters win? He won’t get it hurt so he might as well slow down and get it together. Physical health is going to matter more to him the older he gets and if he gets it right he might be able to play his way into the sunset in the Senior PGA someday.

Tiger, you were big when you were young, and now new young blood is in the lead, so don’t disgrace yourself, fade away quietly into the night.


Lastly I want to turn to something that has an even harder image problem to deal with then all the rest combined.

That is Women’s Sports.

Women are great athletes.

Women’s sports don’t get as much positive media coverage as they should. It usually is some kid-sister type of story that is second to whatever the boys were doing.

I think the main thing they can do is try to be more unique and not try to be just a female version of the guys games. The competition level is just not at the same level and where it is it is not evident.

Make the female sports different by adjusting rules to increase scoring and up the action levels.

The sports where women dominate should take more of a leading role and center stage as a highlight of what is right in their sports world.


Now that I’ve got out my HSO’s the world of sports will be a better place for us all to enjoy.

But I’ve got to go follow any clickbate on the internet to find out what the Kardashian’s are doing.


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