How to Improve These 15 Exocitic Hotels

We want to have less stuff.

We like the outdoors.

We have a plan to make money.

We want to get some land and live in a yurt.


We saw it on TV.

The idea is to get enough land to have several yurts and rent out the ones we are not living in to people looking to get some time away from it all.

I’m thinking we need to get a sauna room.

Probably a dinning area. I think an all inclusive sort of place.

Low key. Relaxed.

We would do yoga, but not really “teach” a class. Just join in if you want.

We would have a garden so there would be fresh food. Help dig it if your into it.

Hopefully it would be in a forest area to roam around on a hike or bike or at least some where with some killer views.

Like this place:


Which brings me to Day 107 of Claudia Altucher’s book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century:

I get to come up with 10 ideas of Hotels I’d like to visit and why.

Here is the deal I’d live at the yurt lodge as explained above to help raise passive income and here are 9 Other Ideas for PASSIVE INCOME.

Then while thinking of ideas for this blog I found theses:

15 Weird Hotels Around the World

So what my idea was is to tell why I would or would visit them and one idea to improve them.

1. Solent Forts, No Man’s Fort, England


This place looks neat and would be fun to get to.

Until you realize that once you are there that’s pretty much it…

“With eight bedroom suites offering sea views, bar, sunbathing decks, restaurant, and even fire pits,” it has much to offer. But I am the type of person who likes to be active. Being stuck on an island wouldn’t work for me.

If they don’t already they could have a driving range into the water and also a lending library of classic literature to help pass the time.

2. Panda Hotel, China



I’m out on this one altogether.

However, if you are into the whole “Furry” scene then maybe this works for you. It could be enhanced with other animal characters walking around, but I think they are trying to stick with just pandas.

Having a part of the proceeds go to the protection of pandas might increase the number of people who choose to stay here.

Also the hotel chain could branch out to other locations with other animal themes.

3. Attrap’Reves Bubble Hotel, France


“The stylish bubbles, made from recyclable materials, are all located within a short walking distance from the nearest village and a main building.”

This place looks fun and I like the connection with the outdoors.

One drawback is the inherent lack of privacy. Which might not be a problem if you are spaced out away from everything enough. Or just don’t mind…

A way to improve the Bubble Hotel might be to provide for a way to shade or cover the bubble when you are trying to get some sleep. Also they could provide a small ATV or other motorized form of transportation to use as recreation and a means of navigating the property.

4. Faralda Crane Hotel, Netherlands


“Previously an industrial crane, the Faralda Crane Hotel is located in the former FDSM shipyard, at the edge of the river and the Amsterdam city center. Guests can stay in one of the three luxury hotel suites located in the crane’s old machine room.”

What I would do is multiply this concept to all major shipping ports around the would. Expansion would be the name of the game if I was going to improve this hotel. Yes the “wow” factor might wear low if there are tons of them, but they are still very unique and would stand out where ever you put one.

Also converting other equipment into hotels would be a good idea.

5. Treehotel, Sweden


Sarah would love this place! She is into tree houses and I think they are neat too!

So does that Treehouse Maters guy on Animal Planet.

I like that they have a variety of types of tree houses. I would include a type of outdoor activity that gave lessons on tree climbing. The kind with ropes and gear and all that good stuff.

This would make it an adventure!

6. Jumbo Stay Hostel, Sweden


Ah ha! Another conversion hotel.

I have an idea to take this concept to the limits. Have an actually usable airplane that was made into a hotel. Then have it go to various destinations like a cruise ship. I am stoked about this idea and will need to flesh it out more in the future.

7. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho


This is a “bed and breakfast shaped like a 30-foot-high beagle, named “Sweet Willy.” The inn offers two connected rooms, one in the body and one in the head of the dog. Both are decorated with canine-inspired furniture, such as a headboard featuring 26 carved dogs, according to the Inn’s official website.”

Easy idea is to expand with other types of dogs bed and breakfast rooms.

Another idea would be to have various animals. Perhaps even a zoo!

8. Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village, Finland


Interesting and fun looking, but I think it might be too close together to the other guest.

If you are into the chilly life style then go for it. They do have “ thermal glass walls and ceilings that insulate the interior to keep it warm and cozy at night”.

If they don’t provide a snowmobile service as a guest activity, they should.

9. Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita Cave Hotel, Italy


This one looks interesting and boring at the same time. If that is even possible.

Going into the earth caves of the grotto is neat. Until that is all there is to do…

I like the look and feel of a place like this, but would not be satisfied in my need for adventure.

Maybe additional cave exploration tours, spelunking, or the like would be in order.

Or maybe a good old fashioned treasure hunt… who knows.

10. Hang Nga ‘Crazy House,’ Vietnam


This crazy house makes my stomach start to turn.

I like things that are clean and in order, so I’d have to skip this fun house looking place.

If whimsy is your thing then this would be fun for you.

A way to improve this place could be to

11. Icehotel, Sweden


Ice Hotel?

I’m out. Too cold.

An idea would be to have an ice carving class on site to teach guest how to sculpt ice.

12. Marques de Riscal, Spain


This place was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. The location and views are amazing. I am partial to the Spanish landscape.

There website greets you with a “Welcome to The City of Wine”. A wine tasting room on site would be good or tours to the local wineries should be in order.

13. Sunborn Gibraltar Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar


Just the mention of Gibraltar brings up images and ideas of strength and fortitude.

The Sunborn Gibraltar Yacht Hotel looks like a great way to stay in the area in style. It is permanently moored at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, but features 189 rooms with panoramic marina and sea views.

I am not sure how to up the game on the luxury get away.

Perhaps it is perfect as it is…

One day I hope to go there and find out.

14. Desert Lotus Hotel, China



This looks like some location from a movie. Also it reminds me of Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler or at least from what I remember. One of his Dirk Pitt novels has a place similar to this…

I would provided exotic animal rides to guest. And by exotic I mean animals that Americans don’t usually ride like elephants, camels, and emus.

Other than that they seem to provide quite a lot of activities and attractions.

15. V8 Hotel, Germany


Not really my thing but I can see the appeal.

Perhaps a “gas pump” to sever drinks out of would be a cool addition in the dinning area. The obvious answer is a sponsorship or partnership with the V8 juice company.

Expansion opportunities abound along with many different cars to feature. Think Lamborghini, Ferrari, et al.


So where ever you go, you can find someplace fun to stay.

And when the Yurt Lodge is ready, please come stay with us!


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