10 Ways To Choose Yourself on Periscope


ICYMI: Periscope is Now Available for Android

But more on that in a moment.

First I want to share with you part of my Choose Yourself journey. If you’ve read any of my blog you know that I am working my way through Claudia Altucher’s book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century. I started off with a 99 day streak of blog posts which you can go back and read to see my progress and share my ideas.

But then the idea machine died!

No excuses. Just an explanation.

I do too much.

The logical thing to do? Do more things…

This past weekend I had listened to the Ask Altucher Podcast Ep 276: How to Make $25,000 in 90 Minutes. Greg Muender shared how he became successful through starting with driving with Lyft and Uber. However, Greg didn’t hit it big until he wrote an article on Medium comparing the two experiences. I was super inspired by Greg and signed up to become a driver with Lyft.

If you have been thinking about using Lyft for a ride or driving for Lyft please use my link: https://www.lyft.com/drivers/MICHAEL454040 and we will both reap the benefits!


So far I have had nothing but a positive experience with it. I have given 4 rides in my spare time and have enjoyed being able to help out people who need a ride and talk with some interesting people. The only draw back so far is that being in North Texas everything seems a long ways away.

You would think I would be used to it by now…

The real reason you are here:

Periscope is Now Available for Android and being an Android user I downloaded it.

And promptly found it was a bunch of people not doing much of anything…

So I thought up 10 Ways To Choose Yourself on Periscope:

1 Become a Review Machine

Periscope lends itself to being a great platform for showing interesting things. So next time you decided to try something new, do a product review. Live. While it is happening. This can be combined with products you have affiliate links for and then will be able to generate a source of income.

Some tips or suggestions would be to have an announcement on Twitter that you will be hosting a review to help build an audience. Also doing a review on a set time or day (i.e. consistency) will keep you from talking to yourself…

These ideas could work with any of the rest as well.

2 Become an Interview Machine

People love hearing from interesting people. Find experts that will agree to sit down with you for interviews. You can build yourself by building up others. Prepare good questions ahead of time so you have an order to the flow of your conversations. Make sure you show more than just the two of you sitting there.

Have a product to demo or a cool skyline in the background.

Another alternative is to have the interviewee on Skype. In that case there might be some video lag but I am sure more tech savy CYers could figure this out.

3 Become a Teaching Machine

Periscope blows YouTube out of the water on this aspect because it is INTERACTIVE. These video lessons can be endless in the subject matter and content areas they cover. You could do cooking lessons, interactive learning sessions at museums or in nature, “How To” change an air filter, do origami, make jewelry, teach yoga, tutorials/tutoring…

The possibilities are limitless.

You could schedule them, as suggested above, or do them random until you build a following.

I would suggest you do some research first to have more than enough to say. I’ve seen countless YouTube videos where half the time or more the “teacher” isn’t even talking.

Also consider having someone else hold the phone as they record you so it is better framed and zooming in on crucial points is easier than doing it alone.

4 Become a Promotion Machine

Similar to product reviews, however the promotion machine has an aim more towards marketing. If you are part of a music group/ band you can have special live performances for your fans.

If you are a business that is about to have a “Grand Opening”, a Periscope of the event will help show off and build hype. I would recommend “Story Boarding” what you plan to do at the event to prevent it from becoming just another bad home video…

Think of what you want to say and perhaps even make an outline of a “script” to stick to. This will help the video flow and keep watcher from clicking off and disengaging.

5 Become a Travel and Tour Machine

Taking a trip to some place remarkable?

Take Periscope with you.

Be the guide book.

Have interesting facts and things to say. Or else read them at least…

6 Become a Social Group Machine

Are book clubs still a thing? They can be and more interesting too if they are on Periscope. Any RPG (role-playing game) fans? Start a Periscope club that gets together once a week to share the latest news and events that make your world awesome!

I am sure there are many more groups that could benefit from this?

What group would you suggest meet on Periscope?

Choose Yourself anyone….

7 Become a Q&A / AMA Machine

Here is your chance to self-promote. Show off. Be an expert. Try to label your video appropriately so that people tuning in and turning on can quickly know what is going on in your Periscope.

A live video AMA would give fans/followers a chance to see their fearless leader’s facial reactions and body language that often times communicates way more than words ever will.

8 Become a Live Action Movie Machine

Here is your chance to direct the next big action movie of the summer!

No film school needed.

However much planning would make it more worth watching. Perhaps you make a serialization of the film instead of having it be just one long feature…

Have a good cast of friends and a preset story to follow to build suspense, tension, action, or whatever angle you choose to explore.

9 Become the next Saturday Night Live

If you are funny or part of a comedy trope, then Periscope is your new platform for bringing the funny…

Start a show that blows SNL away!

10 Become a Periscope Gig Coordinator Machine

This is the idea that started it all. I was reading 100 ways to make a quick $100 and saw something called Gigwalk (#51) that I haven’t heard of before. This made me think of an idea of combining the service of Gigwalk and the like with Periscope. Almost Lyft like.

Someone logs on to the Coordinator service and selects a Gig they want to see on Periscope. Someone takes the Gig, say a walking tour of Paris, and hits accept. The Gig buyer gets to see a live Periscope of Paris. The Gig performer gets paid for doing something simple around town.

Build it.

Hopefully these 10 ideas will give you a place to start to help Periscope be more than just a video selfie…


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