Why You Should Quit Writing

I always like to meet new people.

Whether it is on a Lyft ride, in a great book, online through social networking or in person, meeting new people always gets me thinking about how fascinating life can be.

One person I have come across recently is Karolynh. She is traveling all across America in her home away from home!

A bigrig!


But don’t let all the site seeing fool you. Karolynh makes productive use of her ample free time and skills acquired from career experience to complete gigs on Fiverr.

Her current gigs are:

I will proofread and edit your document or essay or ebook


I will proofread and Edit your site content

She uses her rabid critiquing skills to hunt down and correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax glitches. Having a solid background in editing and proofreading, she enjoys helping clients produce the quality work that they need.

Check out some of her reviews:

“Great to work with! Provided just what I asked for. Thanks!” -RENAUDCO

“Great job and loved the quick turn around!” -MAFUKIDZE

“Excellent, thank you again!” -JOHNBLADE

So if you are in the market for these services, make sure to order today!


I bring up Karolynh for two reasons:

1) Because you never know who you will meet…

2) Claudia Azula Altucher talks in her book Become An Idea Machine on how your life will be different every six months if you come up with 10 ideas everyday.

Well I am just now 5 months into it and my life certainly is different. I have not been 100% consistent on coming up with ideas everyday, but I have noticed many changes.

The way I think has changed.

I am more optimistic.



I have more and higher goals for my life.

I have a “can do” attitude.

I have been blogging, what was once daily, but now not so frequently. I have developed my writing skills. Albeit not much…

I have started a business. I have conducted online business. I have networked. Reached out to people online. Helped people with projects. Provided encouragement and support.

Also I wrote a book….Conspire To Inspire.


I have had guest post on my blog here, here and here.

I have been a guest post on a blog.

Then there was that interview for a podcast with @MicheleTrainer for her upcoming Michele the Trainer Show.

I am not sure what all else has happened.

But for the most part it has all been good.

For Day 114 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to share 10 Ideas for Articles about something I am interested in and call a story around. Claudia ups the challenge by suggesting to actually write them and then get them published in places I’ve not been published yet.

This is kinda intimidating and time consuming…. so up until now I have just sorta ignored the suggestion.

But alas, here we are and I will at least for now come up with 10 ideas and then we will see from there where they go…

1 Adoption

I have an adopted brother. I have had a close friend who was adopted. I have worked with countless children who have been adopted. And one day I too want to adopt. I feel that the stories of adoption are touching emotionally and are amazing how people help out each other. Even though not every case is good, the act of adoption shows that there is still good in our world.

2 Baseball

I love the game. It is romantic. Nostalgic. And a little out of date. What’s with all the organ music?

I am a homer for the Texas Rangers and dreamed of visiting all 30 MLB™ Ballparks and maybe even seeing the Rangers play in all of them!

Surely other have been to all the parks. One such fellow Eric Kabakoff wrote Rally Caps, Rain Delays and Racing Sausages about going to all the ballparks. Also I am reading Roger Kahn‘s The Boys of Summer and am loving it!

So a baseball book maybe in my future.

Who knows…

3 Kindness: The Lost Art

I love being kind to others. I hope to always be kind.

Sometimes I’m not.

I think that kindness is becoming a lost art in a world full of people used to instant gratification, self-centered existences, and distance communications via online and text.

It is easy to be mean when you are not face to face with someone. But kindness takes practice, courage, and a little vulnerability.

Perhaps it won’t die out completely if we choose to carry on its torch.

4 Sexualization of Society

Not directed toward anyone in particular, but there is an over abundance of people’s sexual preferences EVERYWHERE!

We are more than just sexual beings.

We have emotions, thoughts, feelings, intellect and a whole host of other attributes as humans.

Let’s not boil everything down to sexual drives, urges or preferences all the time.

Also I am sick of the degrading on women in advertisements, music, sports, and so on…

Women are people!

Not objects.

5 Travel

I’d love to travel and write about it. I’ve recently read The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux. It was interesting and bizarre! Not recommended for children, BTW. Any time I read or look at far-away places I want to be there and tell about it through fun stories.

But first I need to get “there”.

I have not counted out this dream. My trips around Texas have yet to be written into story form but my wife and I plan on adding to the Texas Travel fun! We will bring along two small guest who I will introduce below…

6 Dogs

I used to hate dogs!

I was afraid of them. I ran from them. Once I jumped through a neighbors dog door into her house as I was fleeing the pooches. It must have been a sight for my mom and her friend to see me dive headfirst through the backdoor dog flap as I tumbled into the kitchen where they were sitting around the table.

Growing up we had one dog whom I hated. I would always have to throw a ball to distract her as I exited the back gate so she wouldn’t run out. I should have just let her run away. I think she did eventually anyways…

Then I was against dogs because of the smell, the hair everywhere and all the barking!

Along comes this guy, Cesar Millan and he was showing that dogs could be good!


Later I saw a group of therapy dogs who were model canine-citizens and my whole perspective began to change…

Now I’ve got two small dogs and love every hair covered minute of their presence in my life!

DukeTable Duke and Tex Tex

7 Writing

Writing about writing is like thinking about thinking. It starts to get all Inception in here real fast…

But like any good writer, which I hope to be someday, I like reading about writing and how to get better. Or read how not to do it. Or the thought process behind it…

I just don’t know specifically what to write about writing.

But isn’t that the thing about all writing….

8 Being Silly

I’ve spent too much time being serious. So now I like to be silly. Yes as an “adult”.

I like to play games, relax, and laugh as much as possible.

It would do the world some good if more people would stop being so intense and lighten up a bit. This doesn’t mean that when it is time to get down to business, that I don’t do what I gotta do. It just means that when things are running smooth, then I can cut loose a little and fill the world with more cliches and puns than it can handle.

9 Food

I love eating. Especially good food that is good. Both good tasting and good nutrition. And I have come around on cooking. I don’t match my wife in ability, but love making fresh food with the seasonings that I enjoy.

Eating out rarely provides the same experiences as eating at home due to the “chain-restaurant” model of streamlining the production of dishes.

“Spicy” almost never is when eating out. But at home throw some habaneros down and things really heat up!

I don’t know what I would write specifically about food. Definitely not a cookbook! But who knows… maybe. I usually prefer shopping at Whole Foods due to their higher quality standards. I think people often think that it is “too costly” to eat healthy.

But I think it is “too costly” to die of some medical condition from eating poorly!

Then I eat something I shouldn’t….

And try again the next day. The real deal is that nutrition is tricky and takes a lot of effort to get right. Fortunately my wife is amazing. If you haven’t guessed, I love her!

10 Gardening

Not sure I have a books worth yet of gardening tips and tricks, but I do have some personal stories of growing my own.

Food that is….

Chard has done well for me. Also I have grown kohlrabi for the greens and have got a few tomatoes plants to fruit every now and then…

I wouldn’t know if it would be an article of advice more than a tale of the many trips to the store, internet and listening to the radio to find out how to make a brown thumb green.

What do you think I should write about? What do you like to read? What do you want to write?

Let me hear from you!

Some places I have found to help people get published (after having Karolynh proof read first…) are from Freedom With Writing. They send you writing jobs opportunities right to your inbox. They are a great source for finding gigs and getting paid and are dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed.


Be a driver for Lyft and make $500 when you do 50 rides in 30 days!



P.S. Want more about my journey?

Conspire to Inspire will tell how I put together a dream team of virtual mentors and why you should care.

CTI THUMBNAIL_IMAGE——————————————————

Go to sarahpaine.com for more great perspectives to rethink life!



Check out Claudia Altucher’s book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century:


I wanted to share with you this interesting website I found: http://paralign.me.

It has a good message that: “You’re Not Alone. It’s healthy to talk about your problems.”


Check them out today!


Becca primarily blogs in French so if Vous parlez Français?
Check out her blog FLEUR DE FOI.



Deutsch Gesprochen?
Check out my friend Malchus’ blog Anders-Unternehmen.


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