“We could just get in the car and drive away to Columbia and become drug lords.”

I was trying to convince my wife that we could leave all the stress of this american life behind and go live off the grid somewhere in South or Central America. The thing is sometimes I get to a point where I am over all this life of doing things I don’t want to do to own things I don’t want to own and to pay for things I shouldn’t have wasted money on in the first place.

The other day I wrote about 16 WAYS TO DIAL BACK WHEN YOU ARE OVEREXTENDED and then I thought up some more. Maybe these will keep me from running off into a foreign land and becoming a drug lord, or at least keep me from the becoming a drug lord…

1 Decide, Commit, Succeed

Starts with a decision to be less busy. I can take charge of my schedule and say “I don’t want to do this anymore”. I could make changes where possible and make a commitment to follow through so I succeed.

2 Dream Big

Every day won’t be my ideal day. But I could list all the things that I want to do each day and find ways to fit them into my life. Having a big dream of where I want to take my life will help me shape each decision and calibrate what I am doing against what I hope to be doing.

3 Relax More

The other list said about “not considering relaxing as laziness”. And then once I accept that I need to relax more. Maybe I could change the way I go about relaxing to include productivity interspersed with short game breaks to keep me motivated. I don’t think relaxing = doing nothing.

It is more of a mindset that the world won’t end if I don’t do X, so just chillax…

4 Disconnect

From the internet that is. I’ve developed a nasty habit of “checking my phone” so to speak. Or more accurately my social media, my online projects (ebay, fiverr, etc.) and having become a junkie.

Has it been a minute even sense I last looked at my phone to check for updates?

Well yes, because I’ve been more aware of my problem and have been working at eliminating this time suck from my day.

Getting away from the digital world can do much more for my soul and emotions too. I have the ability to be more present in life and to explore my own inner thoughts. As much as I like reading ebooks, there will always be a place in my life for paper copies.

One time in my life I didn’t have a cell phone for about a month.

It was great!

People would ask me about it and I would tell them that it is easy, just keep your commitments to meeting people when and where you told them and then forget about the rest. There are emergency situations that phones help, but everyday is not an emergency.

5 Avoid Meetings


At all cost. I’ve never waked away from a meeting that couldn’t have been summed up in a few lines on email. People either don’t stay on track, don’t have an outline or agenda, or don’t get to the point. There is usually no “group decision”. There is someone with authority and the rest fall in line.

They fill up our days without being productive.

I’m not the first to suggest this idea. James Altucher does often and so did Jason Fried in his Ted Talk “Why work doesn’t happen at work.

Jason explains with “meetings are just toxic, terrible, poisonous things during the day at work. We all know this to be true, and you would never see a spontaneous meeting called by employees. It doesn’t work that way. The manager calls the meeting so the employees can all come together, and it’s an incredibly disruptive thing to do to people”.

And “meetings aren’t work. Meetings are places to go to talk about things you’re supposed to be doing later.

6 Breathe

7 Changing Jobs

It might not be easy to make a move, but changing jobs will allow for other non-tangible benefits to keep from being too busy. Sometimes work gets in the way of life and the specific hours might be throwing off your game.

It’s been said that the most productive part of your day is 2 to 4 hours after waking up. If I am not using this time for my life work then I am not getting the most out of my “free time”.

This is a long road process for me, but maybe you can cut the cord quick.

I don’t know your situation. But for me I want to achieve my big dreams and so I am working on my escape plan. This post is just one more chink in the chains that are keeping me down.

One day I will fly free.

Or just drive away…


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