Why You Should Be Giving Away $20,000 Every Day!

“I dare you to call 9-1-1.”


I picked up the phone and dutifully dialed 9-1-1.

I am not sure if it even rang.

Some one picked up almost right away.

I quickly put my hand over the mouth portion of the phone and whispered to my sister, “Someone answered!”

And then I hung up.

“You do it.” I taunted back.

It was on now.

She had to because I did it or else she would lose face. Taking the phone from my hand she picked up the receiver and punched in the 3 magical numbers.

Same story. But this time the lady told her off. She yelled at her that we were not supposed to call unless it was a real emergency.

Oh well.

So the other day I flipped on the TV and was captured by this old game show “Card Sharks”. The game is one where “The contestant in control is shown the first card in the row of five, the so-called “base card,” and could either keep it or replace it with the next card off the top of the deck, which they had to play. The contestant then guessed whether the next card in the row was higher or lower, and continued to do so as long as he or she guessed correctly.


Well this particular episode had on a kid named John.

Now if you know me I’ve worked with kids in some capacity for over the last decade of my life. I am a kid at heart and love to play games. Kids laugh more in life and generally have way more fun.

I like to see what kids do because it is usually the things adults would do if they had the guts.

John was in the final round.

Before each flip of a card he had to determine how much he wanted to bet of his available money. I think two things make a difference here. One John looked to be about 9 or 10 so he wasn’t worried about the money’s ability to pay any bills. He probably was thinking of all the awesome toys he could get. Secondly, the money was just a number and he didn’t really have the money to begin with anyways…

As an adult I understand that money is more than just a number.

But in some ways it really is just a number. We have electronic transactions and nobody I know sees an actually paycheck. And nearly nobody I know writes a check. Few and far between do people use cash. And with new easier means to transfer money to family, friends, etc. online (Facebook is in on the game now too…) we can almost stop carrying around the dirty scraps of currency in which we hold fast hope.

With these two factors at play John recognized that to get the biggest payout he needed to risk the most.

He knew he didn’t want to lose it all, but he knew he couldn’t win big without taking a chance. On most of his bets he would be near his max. He had $400 so he bet $300. He had $500 so he would bet $400. And it didn’t always turn out good. He repeatedly got down to his last $100.

But did that dissuade him from betting it all again?

Not a chance.

Next time he was sure the next card would be higher than a 2 so instead of just betting near the max, he went all in!

Even the most risk tolerant adults are hesitant to do that, because maybe that next card is an Ace.

Not John.

He knew it would be higher because 2 is small and most other cards are big. Plus it was basically house money, remember?

Betting big ended well for John. He won out and even won a trip for 4 to Hawaii. Now that is pretty awesome for a 9 year old. Heck, I wouldn’t mind going there myself…

John made quick decisions.

He didn’t worry about every little card flip. He knew that if he moved quick and bet big then he would have a good chance of something awesome. He didn’t get discouraged after getting knocked down repeatedly but keep his enthusiasm high. This is something I wish more adults would be willing to do.

Especially when it comes to taking a chance with forgiveness.

Forgiving someone is like making a bet. You have to step out and take a risk. You have a high reward if it goes right, but if it goes wrong you might feel like you’ve fallen into the hole. If your apology is accepted you repair the damage that might have been done. If it is rejected, you feel rejected more.

The turned down apology can spark resentment and anger. You “humbled” yourself and then they still spit on you.

It is easier not to even try right?

But what does forgiving others really cost you?

Your pride. Your superior self-image. Your anger. Your hate. Your judgment. Your revenge.

That’s a step price.

Why give up those things? Hang on to the anger. Hang on to the hate. Hang on to being judgmental. Where will that take you? Will it make your day better? Will it help the other person?

I look around and see a ton of reality TV and game shows on the air. We’ve all seen the huge payouts from Powerball. I think if I won, if I ever played, I wouldn’t pay off all my debt.

That is sooooo boring.

Plus I probably would end up back in debt because unless I changed my habits and lifestyle, my new stash of cash wouldn’t last forever. Spending the winnings on a unforgettable trip of a lifetime would at least give me irrevocable memories.

It seems people go around happy to possibly win $1000. Or maybe even $20,000. But that won’t last. That isn’t even a years worth of wages at a super low paying job. Also that amount is so low, it is why I never even considered stealing from my old job when I worked in the accounting office. It wouldn’t be enough for a year, let alone a lifetime.

People shouldn’t want to win such little amounts.

Instead people should want to be the ones giving away $20,000 every day!

I have always wanted to be chosen as a contestant but this has never worked out for me. It might also have to do with that I never applied to be on any of the game shows. It seems people do this a lot in life. They want something but don’t want to do anything about it. They want to hope and wait, but I don’t want to wait and hope to get to play anymore.

I want to be the one giving away the prizes.

To be the game show.

To be the giver.

This is your chance to be the game show. To give away the $20,000 dollars.

Give forgiveness.

I like to think that lady from 9-1-1 did.


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