7 Plants That Will Improve Your Life

Breathing was difficult.

I had no idea it would be this hard.

I did’t realize how much I was missing.

My sense of smell was gone. It vanished slowly overtime so I did not notice. But one day I realized that I could hardly distinguish fine fragrances from well you know…

Think about it. People who are hard of hearing or deaf are missing one out of their five crucial senses. A crucial way for us to interpret the world. If you can’t hear your world is limited severely.

Imagine if you don’t have sight. What a different world you live in.

However when it comes to smelling it’s no big deal.


Without it I won’t suffer too much.

But smell effects my sense of taste. It is one of the strongest links to memories.

Living in North Texas one day I realized that my nasal passage was constantly congested.

I tried everything.

All over the counter medications, neti pots, steam treatments, even prescription nasal spray.

All only provided some temporary relief.

The only thing I have yet to find that works for the full 24 hours it claims is an OTC nasal spray called Nasacort.

I finally found a wave of relief from my nasal congestion.

I was able to smell again.

This leads me to a guest post I wanted to share with you about air pollution:


When it comes to air pollution, a lot of people seem to have concerns.

Who really wants to breathe anything besides perfect/clean air for their lungs?

No one!

On the other hand when it comes to indoor air quality some factors might be concerning.

On average, the indoor air quality of a house could be up to 2 times more polluted then the outside air quality. Despite the fact that most people spend a majority of their time in their home, and the fact that most people sleep in their houses is another concern. There could be a lot of lung related diseases which could be prevented with a consultation of a Duct Cleaning.

Depending on where you live AIR Duct Cleaning could be the simple resolution.

You could also purchase these plants to help you improve indoor air quality:

• Spider plants


• Peace lilies

• Snake plants (aka mother-in-law’s tongue)


• Elephant ears


• Weeping figs


• Rubber plants


• Bamboo palms (aka reed palm)


If you live in southern Ontario and are looking to get your air ducts cleaned click here: Duct Cleaning Toronto.

To get the best air duct cleaning prices click here: Air Duct Cleaning Services


I have been wanting to get one of these plants for awhile now… I just have to do it.


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2 thoughts on “7 Plants That Will Improve Your Life

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