You got it, but are you gettin’ it?

I did.


Once she told me that she liked classic rock I became a big fan of it.

I had heard a few songs before. Once or twice.

Or a thousand times when I played Guitar Hero.

CD’s were still a thing. And my car was new enough to have a built in disc player. My dad had Early Days & Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volumes One and Two and Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits (1980–1995).

So I took them.

And maybe gave them back later?

In life a million things happen that at the time seem normal or okay.

It wasn’t wrong I told her I liked classic rock.

I had to so she would like me.

Being older I reflect back on some other things that were not necessarily wrong that happened while growing up. But sometimes they were questionable…

There was a moment as a child I noticed a beam of light coming in through the window. It was amazing! I waved my hand through the dust particles. I jumped over them.

And then I realized.

This stuff is floating all around us in the air we breathe…

Then there are the countless times we had a blast running through the sprinklers. Our parents were just watering the lawn. But hey they said, “Go get your swim suits on and run through the sprinklers.”

It was fun. We made games out of jumping over, around, and through the various sprinkler settings.

And then looking back at it as an adult, well that is just kinda weird…

“Stay in the car, I’ll be right back.”

This was something I heard countless times. Now days the parents would be taken to jail for negligence of a child with intent to return.


Back then it was a chance for us to slide over to the driver’s seat. Get behind the wheel. And possible honk the horn if we were brave enough…

What about dinner? Did you ever have to stay at the table until you finished all the food on your plate?

Talk about setting kids up for eating issues.

I am sure that you have something similar that used to happen that looking back at it now seems unusual.

Share it below so we can all have a wave of nostalgia or a good belly laugh.

Or we all could just Armageddon it.


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