No More 3 And Out

No one ever aspired to be a middle manager…

But I did.

When I was in high school I had set the bar low. I was a classic under achiever. I took easier classes so I would have less homework.

I even had one semester where I had 2 hours of lunch a day! I was an aide to an Assistant Principal during 3rd period. Third period coincided with lunch break, so to prevent headache and heartache of trying to track down students, my AP told me not to worry about it.

So I just socialized in the lunch room.

Sometimes I even enjoyed a second lunch.

The problem was I had low expectations of myself, no aspirations in life, and no real plans.

I was just floating through life.

It was no wonder I got mixed up in trouble.

But those were different times. I was a different person then…

Now I am a fan of football, but the reason I bring that up is this:

I heard on the sports radio the other day about Kevin Kelley.

He “crunched thousands of numbers and came up with a style of virtually never punting — even when pinned inside his own 10-yard line — and always using an onside kick.

And it works.”

For non-football fans this might not mean much, but stick with me.

In my book Conspire To Inspire, I wrote this passage in the section on Theodore Roosevelt:

“When watching football I notice that most all teams punt of fourth down. If I were a coach I would go for it. I know that there is a long term strategy to the game. However, any time I see them punt it I get the sense that they are playing not to lose.

When you go for it on fourth down you are playing to win!

I want to live my life in a play it to win mentality. I have spent too many years wasted on playing not to loose. And guess what? I didn’t loose (yet…).

But I didn’t win either.

I have not be happy, or successful, or creative living a life of hedging my bets and worrying about the future.

Theodore Roosevelt was winning at life.

So can you when you live to win instead of living not to loose.”

When I heard there is a guy out there, Kevin Kelley, actually doing this, I was excited!

Not actually about the football, because I am not that big of a fan, but about the winning approach to life.

Kelley said his offense earns a first down when it goes for it on fourth down about 50 percent of the time.

If I could get 50 percent of all things I do go in my favor, I would be happy with those odds.

As the reverse quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So going for it, having a 50% change of improving is way better than not trying and knowing 100% for sure what is going to happen.


I have decided to play not punt.

And hopefully I will reach beyond my modest high school “dreams”.


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