I can’t believe this…

The blood wouldn’t stop flowing…

I hate nosebleeds.

I get them often in the winter when the air is dry.

It is hard to get ready with one hand while the other is pressing toilet tissue to my face to stop the bleeding.

What else is hard is for me to believe that some of the things I have been reading lately are actually happening. But thinking more about it, it shouldn’t surprise me. Here is a picture of a place I remember when I was in college:


That’s right.

A special area to exercise what I once believed to be a right. Free Speech. The U.S. Bill of Rights states in the 1st Amendment that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Guess they should have included other governing bodies besides Congress…

The University Policy for FREE SPEECH AND PUBLIC ASSEMBLY ON CAMPUS GROUNDS “requires regulation of the time, place and manner of assembly, speech, and other expressive activities on the grounds of the University.”

Hence the need to Contact the Dean of Students Office.

But what happened to our freedom?

“It’s a free country!” we always retorted growing up when someone told us to do something we didn’t want to do.

Now I am not stupid enough to think that free speech doesn’t have consequences. Just ask Donald Trump… But I do think that free speech is a certain unalienable right along with the responsibility that comes with it. Donald Trump can say what he wants, but he understands that there will be media blow back. And usually he is ready for it.

The problem though is the blow back becomes argumentum ad hominem. This doesn’t make Trump right, it just means the other side isn’t playing fairly either…

The issue though that is happening that I can’t believe is this. It is not that I don’t believe that it is happening, but just don’t understand how it could or better yet, how are there such people out there in the world. They are not people I know.

I am referring to a slew of reports about issues on college campuses and microaggressions. Here is a tool to help you recognize them.

Sorry, but I don’t have a number for you to contact and report them….

In the face of college students far and wide complaining about emotional “triggers” they see and hear, annexing “safe spaces” where opposing views can’t hurt their feelings and even threatening free speech, [College President] Everett Piper is seemingly fed up with it all.

More from the same article:

It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love! In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.”

And with that, Piper apparently had enough.

“I’m not making this up,” he continued. “Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic! Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them ‘feel bad’ about themselves, is a ‘hater,’ a ‘bigot,’ an ‘oppressor,’ and a ‘victimizer.’

This to me is unbelievable.

I was a very sensitive kid growing up. I would cry at the drop of a hat so to speak. I was whinny, self-absorbed and narcissistic. And you wanna know what?

I grew up.

Now I have all the same tendencies, I just choose to manage them better than I once did. I want what I want, but I realize I have to work to get it. I realize that I am not alone and other people matter too. But also I have validity and importance, just not over importance. My feelings get hurt and I get over it. I don’t blame others and I am not a victim.

But to those who do it leads to problems….

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges

“Students are increasingly seeking help for, and apparently having emotional crises over, problems of everyday life.”

For me, most of my struggles were the result of poor decision making on my part. When I had everyday problems I usually was the one that caused them and therefore responsible for them. My support network of friends and family have helped me through incredibly difficult times. But they could only do so when I opened up to them and reached out for help.

Which I didn’t always do.

But how is it that everyday life is so challenging?


When things like this become a joke, but hit too close to home for many people….

More from the above article:

“Faculty at the meetings noted that students’ emotional fragility has become a serious problem when it comes to grading. Some said they had grown afraid to give low grades for poor performance, because of the subsequent emotional crises they would have to deal with in their offices.”

This is Victim Stance is an identified by Dr. Stanton E. Samenow as a Thinking Error Characteristic of Criminals…

It is used as a manipulation tactic to get out of being responsible.

Why try to make good grades when you can just complain enough to get your bad grade changed to something better?

And why are the “adults” afraid to take a stand against this? Are they ashamed because they feel like they help create them? I hear often the argument that the millennial generation is entitled because we all got trophies. But who gave them to us? Are not the parents the responsible party in raising their children? Did they not earn the money to put the child in the sports league and pay for the prize? And then pass on these values of rewarding mediocrity?

And this brings me back to free speech. When you say something you have to own it. Which means you have to be able to withstand the people who dislike what you just said. If you are unpopular you can apologies and “go along to get along” or you can defend your position.

But there is no guarantee that you will be respected or your argument given a fair hearing.

“They conspired to arrest Jesus in a treacherous way and kill Him.”

“The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin were looking for false testimony against Jesus so they could put Him to death. But they could not find any, even though many false witnesses came forward.”

“Then they spit in His face and beat Him”

Then the blood began to flow…

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