My DFS Confession

“What men do not come honestly by will never do them any good.”


We’ve all seen the ads.

They are everywhere!

Online. On TV. On the radio.


So I thought I would check it out. The bait was that my initial deposit would be matched 100%. (Aside – sounds like some other things I’ve heard…) The proposition seemed like it would be fun and easy. Besides come on it is legal, right…

At first it was kinda fun. I had recently (last year) gotten into football. I didn’t know much about all the players but it was easy to get plugged in and find out more about their stats. I soon found all sorts of online helps of material that would facilitate in the research process.

My initial deposit was a meager $10 bucks. Heck, I’ve blown $10 on stupider things that were way less fun. Like an extra “value” meal at a fast food joint. Plus it was being doubled by the guarantee match so there was nothing to lose.

I split it into two $5 contest. I lost one, but won the other! I had turned $10 to $20 and then back into $19.

So not bad.

I think I can get the hang on this and come out better next week.

Second try 3 entries for $7.

No dice.

Balance now $12.

Although I lost, I had fun trying to pick the players that would fit into the salary cap and make the best lineup. This was the “skill” necessary to play the game and keeping it as a “contest” rather than the illegal gambling that people say it is…
But a whole week until the next contest seemed far away now that I had entered the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

My favorite baseball team way making a run a the playoffs and so I thought I could expand my operations. Enter $10 more, because come on that’s not too much for a little fun. But this time it wasn’t matched so I am at $22. I put my “skills” to the test on some MLB action.

Two contest for a total of $3. Ended without winning…

$19 again.

Maybe I should put more in and go bigger. +$10 more. Whoa… slow down cowboy! 10 days between the first two deposits and only 2 days between number two and three! But it was fun! And I was sure I could come up with a better plan. I was learning more and more about how this all worked.

Now I have $29 going into my third NFL week. I entered one contest for $2 which netted $4. One for $5 that ended with no win. And the hook $10 big bet with a $20 payout! Jackpot!

Now at $36.

No good baseball match-ups, I’ll have to wait until next football day…


Finally, Sunday and I am in 7 different contest for a total “investment” of $25.


Oh I failed to mention. That first $10 matching… yeah that was dolled out over time. So my balance now would be $11. However about $9 of that $11 was yet to come because I hadn’t “earned” it from entering enough contest over a long enough period of time. So with $2 available back to the Paypal… +$15

An increase. But it was twelve days between deposits. Not too obsessive…

Interesting. NHL is an option. I used to be into hockey. I even tried playing. The Mighty Ducks was my main inspiration.

More contest. More losses. Almost no winnings…

Even more contests. Even more losses. Even less winnings….

Another deposit…

This is starting to be “un-fun”.

It is work putting together these lineups and doing all this research. Excel spreadsheets and number crunchings…

An idea! I blog. I should blog about this. And then later another idea. Sell ads on my blog. It worked on this blog.

That was fun too.

At first.

But then I had deadlines…. and time marches on.

More contest.

NBA is in session.

I’ll try my luck at that. And by now I am finally “playing” daily between NHL, NFL and NBA!

A few “big” $10 wins here and there. But mostly losses…

Then something strange happened.

For the Thanksgiving holiday I traveled. Across state lines and suddenly playing DFS was restricted. Good thing I had entered my contest before traveling. And I would be home in a few days. I would be okay. Plus it is strange a state won’t allow this “contest” but allows casinos….

Plus there had been a bunch of news about Nevada recently trying to ban DFS and then New York.

I mean this is legal. So I can do it… right?

But should I?

I started to think of how much of my time this was taking up. Time and thoughts and money….

Doing research one day I came across this article:

Why I Hate Daily Fantasy Sports

Interesting. Let me see what this guy has to say.

“but this is Why I Hate Daily Fantasy. It’s Gambling

No it’s not. Well they say it’s not. Plus it’s legal…

I read on.

The proprietors of this shame want to convince you that it’s a game of skill, but let me ask you a question, you put down a small amount of money in hopes of winning a lot more money, what’s that? Don’t worry I’ll wait for your answer… Okay, you’re taking too much time, shit you’re dumb, the answer is “it’s gambling”.


I am not one who has even really taken a “stance” on gambling.


Here’s the deal. I do stand for things. I just never really took part in any gambling per se. Really the most was a few scratch tickets given to me as a gift. No big deal. But now I was embroiled in something I knew was gambling. For real!

Why I knew it was wrong?

I didn’t want people to know I was doing it.

I didn’t share about my DFS on my public Facebook page. Only in specialty group pages. I didn’t let my wife see what I was doing on my phone. I was afraid what she might say…

I was living in sin.

But is gambling really a sin?

To the Google!

I found this article:


That included the following “definition” of gambling:

“To review one more time, these are the characteristics that define “gambling”:

  1. Something valuable is placed at risk
  2. Something belonging to someone else is staked as a prize
  3. An element of chance supposedly determines the outcome

And finally—

4. In all gambling, wealth is either lost or changes hands; no new wealth or other benefit is created. Gambling violates every biblical principle of economics.”

One – Check.
Two – Check.
Three – Check.
Four – Check.

Ewww. I didn’t like the sound of that…

Let me look into it more…

More from the same guy:


He does a great job defending the position that I now hold that gambling indeed is a sin and should be avoided and stopped if you are involved in it. And that includes DFS.

And the final point that put me over on his side was: “I still believe a sinister principle underlies all gambling, and it is this: for every winner, there are losers. And the winners’ gains come at the losers’ expense. There is no other way to gain money through gambling. When you win, you are taking that which belongs to another. The winners’ profit always comes directly from the losers’ pocket. … In other words, gambling is the moral equivalent of stealing.

Game over!

I knew this was true by the nature of the DFS contest. We all put in the money. Only some of us walked away with money. Money lost by the others. Money often lost by me.

And how did I like loosing money?

I didn’t!

And when I “won”, well I was taking money from others…

Well now I gotta fix this. Pulled all money from the account and stopped blogging about it. Deleted the blog site…

And confessed.


I hope this article inspires you to action and I want to Inspire people everywhere so I wrote a book called Conspire to Inspire.

In it I will tell how I put together my dream team of virtual mentors, including Zig Zigglar, James Altucher and a few others. I show why it is important to select some people who can give you guidance and encouragement to grow.

Oh and I wrote about why you should care.

Check it out on

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