Where has strangerarray gone?


We need to talk.

I know it has been awhile and I’m sorry.

I got busy with getting an MBA. Which I am thankfully finished and graduated with!

However, if you clicked on that last link, you may have noticed something.

I haven’t completely stopped blogging.

Instead I have migrated my blogging to a new platform/social media website called steemit.com and can still be found @strangerarray.

I would encourage you to sign up and let me explain a little about it before you do.

First off, the site is still in “beta”. For everyone who is not a tech geek, that just means it is in a “trial-type” phase so they are still working out user interface kinks and other issues.

However, it isn’t all that difficult and actually kinda fun when you get the hang of it.

Who should use steemit.com?

Although the bill it as social media, it is more of a place for posting and reading content. Mostly this will appeal to bloggers, artist and/or writers.

Think Medium.

But with a twist…

The twist being that  you can actually earn income for your work.


Here take a look in my wallet.

I have amassed a modest amount of value since I have been there.

Part of what makes this concept possible is blockchain technology.

And part of the blockchain technology is that it is entirely open to be viewed by anyone.

Don’t worry though you don’t have to understand it to  use it.

There is too much more about it to share right now, but I could point you to some helpful post if you are interested.

Also, I am always more than glad to help if you want to make this work for you.

Just drop me a reply.

There you have it, I am not gone nor forgotten.

Basically I’ve just moved.

And there is room for you to join me!


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