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“To be truly disruptive, you have to do something that is already being done, but do it better.”

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Disruption is the latest buzzword you come across while “surfing the internet”.

Everyone wants to disrupt something.

Frankly that’s disturbing.

The need to improve and progress makes sense in its proper place, but just making changes for change sake, or disrupting something to usurp the market share isn’t really all that helpful to humanity as a whole.

I think that to be truly disruptive, you have to do something that is already being done, but do it better.

It needs to be something that is being done, but can be done cheaper, faster, or in someway that will accomplish the same task but have a meaningful change.

Another ideal aspect of disruption is that it opens up the market to new buyers and sellers.

Take the ride sharing platforms or room sharing apps.

These services already existed in the form of taxis and hotels.

But now people who wouldn’t normally, or ever, take a taxi, have an interest and reason to try out the service.

I ended up driving for Lyft for about a month and used both Lyft and Uber when I went to Austin on a trip (before the city and them got in a fight).

Or the Airbnb room rental service, which I also used on my trip.

Both platforms are disruptive because they take something that was already happening and make it different in a discernable and marketable way that makes improvements for everyone.

Why all this talk about disruption anyways?

Well with steemit and other blockchain technology, we are on the verge of disrupting the financial industry.

It we do it right.

We can’t just have random alt-coins floating about that have their own blockchain and separate currencies that don’t do anything special for anyone.

They will need a differentiator.

Steemit is taking on social media like David v. Goliath.

But unlike that story, this one will take some time and efforts, or we could use a miracle, that would be okay too.

However, they differentiator is that steemit post can earn users rewards, whereas FB, et al., doesn’t.

We all know this already.

What you might not know is that the plethora of cryptocurrencies out there all are either trying to do something revolutionary.

Or not.

Many are just speculative investments.

Of the several to choose from cryptocoins, one recently has got my attention.


Factom has taken an idea I’ve been imaging and made it a reality.

It is a truly disruptive use for the blockchain technology to change the Financial world.

They have taken a service that is already used everyday and made it better.

Their product “Harmony” will “Convert your document management solution into a blockchain based document platform that eliminates lost documents, reduces audit time and prevents costly disputes”.

More specifically:

Factom Harmony solves for many of the business problems facing the Mortgage industry today. Use the transparency and permanence of Factom blockchain technology to substantially reduce compliance, litigation and documentation expenses.”.

Check out this video that explains what Harmony has going for it:

I think this places Factom at a huge advantage in the cryptoworld.

What do you think?

The future together is bright.

Join me.

This document is for information and illustrative purposes only and is not, and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular cryptocoin or course of action.I currently do not hold any FCT from Factom, but would like to soon…


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