How To Build A Questionable Set Of Deck Steps

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My new house had a deck, but it also had a problem…

There was a nice step about one-third of the way around it.

Which is great news!

But then there was the other side of the deck….

And as you can see in the photo, there was a water faucet valve for the hose and no good way to get to it.

That is, without taking a large step down.

And so I began to build a frame to put a step in.

The frame is a mix of some 2×4’s and some “reclaimed” wood from our business that uses pallet wood.

After securing the frame of the step to the deck support, then I began to put on the first board of the tread of the step.

Then I finished up with the rest of the tread board pieces. Then to sure up the step and add support with some loose fill dirt.

I was excited to be done and was happy with my success!

My wife thought differently…

It was too large of a step-down.

No problemo!

More frame building, and then….

Add more tread.

This is where it gets questionable

Now the first or bottom step tread was too short!

The natural footfall hung off the edge.

And that heavy stone under the spigot had to be moved (again).

More framing had to be built and secured…

And finally, the tread boards, again, were added to finish it up.

Now, I just might add a hand-rail to nicen it up and make it have a more finished look.

But in the meantime, problem solved! Let the water flow!

What do you think?

The future together is bright.

Join me.

This document is for information and illustrative purposes only and is not, and should not be regarded as building advice or
as a recommendation regarding any particular course of action.


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