@strangerarray presents: The Content Creation Curve

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Can More Time Really Improve Your Content Creation?

The Content Creation Curve: Created by Me
Content Creation Curve
Image Source

The above curve illustrations (pun intended) the relationship between quality of content and time spent creating the content.

As you can see it takes little to no time to create any smidge of worthless content.

But as the time and effort put into the creation of the content increases, the quality of the content increases.

But only to a point.

The Content Creation Curve: Point Of Wasted Time
Content Creation Curve: Point Of Wasted Time
Image Source

The point exatcly where the curve begins to flatten is the Point Of Wasted Time!

Any work on the content beyond this point will net a negative result from the perspective of time spent and a neutral net of quality.

In fact, my diagram should really have the Point Of Wasted Time more to the left on the curve, but it would take me time to fix that and would increase my chances of diminishing return for this post.

In fact I am working to hit a specific spot, the Sweet Spot (See figure below.), in order to maximize the quality of the content created balanced with the time spent to create such content.

The Content Creation Curve: The Sweet Spot
Content Creation Curve: The Sweet Spot
Image Source

As you can see, The Sweet Spot is a zone where the quality is improving, but the time is not slipping away at too great of a pace.

There are a few ways you can hit the sweet spot:

  • Use a template for your content so you basically have a “plug-and-play” type post
  • Work fast!
  • Make crappy-er content

Whatever the course of action you choose to pursue, I recommend tinkering with the formula until you find something that works right for you!

At the risk of hitting The Point Of Wasted Time on this particular post, our time here will now come to a close.

Take care!

I think this is a wonderful and interesting time to be alive.

What do you think?

The future together is bright.

Join me.

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Created by Michael Paine 

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