Why I Switched to the Cheapest Toilet Paper Possible

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I used to use a kind of toilet paper that was as soft as angelic beings.

$100 Toliet Paper
Image Source

Then I found out the answer to the question “Do Bears poop in the woods?”

Not only is the answer “yes”, but they also use TP that is soft and strong.

But (no pun intended), seeing that I am on a budget, I am always trying to watch my expenses.

Sometimes I do a good job and make it through the month just fine.

Other times the next paycheck can’t come soon enough.

One of those times, I had a single digit number of dollars in my bank account.

And we needed toilet paper.

My eyes scanned the paper goods asile looking for something within my price range.

When you are limited on funds, you are also limited on choices.

That being the case, I didn’t have to look long to find the one or two options I could afford.

Behold, there it was!

A four pack of the lowest priced option and I was sold!

Being into budgets and math and all that, I happened to also notice the quantity of toliet paper I was getting.

The trick about looking a prices of all kinds of TP is that there are different amounts of paper per roll (PPR) or more commonly known as area (given in both square feet and square meters).

When you do the math you find out that some brands have a much lower PPR than you would initially be lead to believe.

Or to put it another way, all double rolls are not equal.

It turns out that the amount of square footage or PPR on the lowest cost variety happened to be the best value and highest amount!

Toliet Paper Pyramid
Image Source

Without going into details, I found that the cheapest toilet paper also works better than all the rest!

Although it takes some getting used to at first, at the end of the day, or should I say end of the roll, the cheapest toilet paper has the best user experience.

Plus, once you get used to it, you are more ready to go in public restrooms where they often also have the same low cost variety.

And lastly,

Because ultimately if you don’t use the cheapest toilet paper possible, you are just flushing money down the drain!

I think this is a wonderful and interesting time to be alive.

What do you think?

The future together is bright.

Join me.

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