Watching Wimbledon – 2017

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This is as good as it gets!

Wimbledon Logo
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Regular readers on my blog will know that I am a tennis fan!

Well maybe not, I don’t write about it often.

Here is the only other time I remember.


I have just finished watching Sam Querrey beat the #1 ranked player Andy Murray in 5 sets in the Men’s Quarterfinals.

This is shapping up to be another great Championships.

Wimbledon Aerial Shot 2009
Image Source

The great news has been it has been exciting in both the Men’s and Women’s brackets with surprising upsets and great play!

As for now, I’ve got so much more I need to do, but if you are a tennis fan, make sure you check your local listings and tune in, if you haven’t yet, and hang on to your hats because it is gonna be a wild ride!

BTW, I have been away to Maui, Hawaii for much needed and surprise vacation and so that is why I have not posted regularly, and why this one is so short, but I am back and will share my trip with you soon in the coming days!

Stay tuned. Stay interesting. Stay Strange.


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