Welcome to Hawaii – A Look Back

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The following contains photos and information from my recent trip to Maui the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. For safety and security reasons, I have waited until I returned and so now I will post my story and pictures over the coming days and weeks. Mahalo.

Let’s jump right in!

My Wife and I arrive in Hawaii!
Michael and Sarah Arrive!
Image Source

We bought some vacation hats to make it fun and cover us from the sun!

We stayed on the West Coast in Kapalua where there are great beaches and bays for swimming and snorkeling!

Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands! 

Image Source

One day of our trip we spent going to Hana and beyond on the East Coast!

For now we are going to save Hana and beyond a different day.

Below is one picture for a taste of what’s to come!

A Sneak Peak On the Road to Hana
On the Road to Hana
Image Source

Being on an island, we spent a ton of time on the beach!

Beach Fun
Beach Fun
Image SourceBeach Fun 2
Beach Fun 2
Image Source

We spent time visiting local hangouts and seeing the city life!

I took a ton of pictures of our time in Lahaina and will share more of them later, but enjoy these epic shots for now!

Lahaina City
Lahaina City 1
Image SourceOld Lahaina Fort Walls made of Coral
Old Lahaina Fort Walls made of Coral
Image Source

What is a vacation without taking in a sunset (or two…)?

Here are a few night shots to cap us off for today!

Sunset in Lahaina
Sunset in Lahaina 1
Image Source
Sunset in Lahaina 2
Image SourcePalm Tree at Night
Palm Tree at Night
Image Source

That’s all for now! Mahalo!

Stay tuned. Stay interesting. Stay Strange.


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