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Last time we talked in Viva La Vida!, I mentioned to you the ability of common people to make a big difference in the world and their life by getting involved with BitShares Decentralized Exchange!

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The thing about it is that I get you are probably skeptical about this and that you are not sure you want to try to learn something new and sign up for another account on another website…

Boy, do I have that same sentiment…

At the very least, who needs the hassle?

But what if there was an incentive?

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Even though I am “intrinsically motivated”, I also don’t mind something “extrinsic”.

But I can’t give you money…

Maybe some BTS, but I am not sure you want them because they are only worth a little now, but like a seed, they may grow to be so much more…

That is why I share with you about it and encourage you to sign up with BitShares Decentralized Exchange.

One of the great things about the Bitshares DEX is that as a user you can create your own assets and then make a market for them by providing value and growing them to be worth more than they are at the start.

That is the whole impetus behind this post.

I am considering creating my own User-Issued Asset (UIA) on the BitShares exchange, but I am not sure exactly if people would really want what I have to offer.

The thing about it is that I am a simple man who is looking to help others when I can and so that I would like to make something that helps not only myself but others.

The deal is if I make a token, ICO, or ITO, then there needs to be something behind it so that people will value it and want it.

Some hutzpah if you will.

Stan explains this process of creating an UIA in his latest interview on The Crypto Show.

As confident as I am in creating this, I need others to want it and so I am looking for input.

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That being said, what do you think is a valuable service I could provide in exchange for my own UIA?

For example, I am great at coming up with 10 ideas a day for over 100 straight days on my former blog.

I write consistently here on steemit.

I once got an MBA in Finance.

I wrote a book.

But what do you care about?

I want to be more useful to society as a whole and would like to offer a service that a token can be exchanged for that you value.

For example @ash has the FAVTOKEN that is worth “up to 1 hour of mytime for Coaching/Consultancy/Support. Main topic BitShares, other topics on request.”

So what do you think is worth me making available to you?

Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


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