Homo Economicus

This post originally appeared on steemit.

“You will never amount to anything!”

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What does that even mean?

That I will never amass untold riches?

Am I a beast that is to labor unto death?

I pray not!

What then?

Shall I strive and strain my days, fretting bills, earning my keep, working to pay off what I cannot?

Are we not free men?

And if free, free for what, to do what and why?

Can a prisoner ever be truly free?

Why must we collect treasures at all?

Are we nothing more than economic cogs in the cosmic machine?

Is there no in-between?

Does the end sanctify the means?

What is gained by hard digging is usually retained; and what is gained easily usually goes quickly.

Doing good is hard labor, but evil’s like a layup.

But I guess we knew the cost.

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.

MichaelCreated by Michael Paine

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