STRANGE Distribution Plan

The time has come to unveil further details for the STRANGE Token Distribution Plan!

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First the Details of the STRANGE Token:

And more background here.


The Distribution Plan:

Designation Percent Token Quantity
BitShares DEX Sign Up Incentive (for new accounts): 20% 2,000,000
Token Design Contest Prize: 0.5% 50,000
Distribution to Current BitShares DEX Users: 70% 7,000,000
Reserve (to be burned if not needed): 9.5% 950,000

Explanation of categories:

The BitShares DEX Sign Up Incentive (for new accounts) will be 20% which is 2,000,000 tokens. I have a target of 2,000 new users to sign up between now and December 31st, 2017.

Therefore, the total 2,000,000 tokens divided by 2,000 new users target = 1,000 STRANGE tokens for new users signing up to BitShares Decentralized Exchange using my link.

In fact, I have had 1 new sign up already, noconnor8, who I have sent the 1st sign-up bonus!

Screenshot 2017-10-23 at 2.22.48 PM.png

If the target goal of 2,000 sign-ups is not reached, then the remaining tokens designated for this purpose will be burned at the deadline of December 31st, 2017.

Token Design Contest Prize will have a REWARD of 0.5% of the total equalling 50,000 STRANGE Tokens.

More details of the Token Design Contest to follow soon!

Distribution to Current BitShares DEX Users of 70% which will be a total 7,000,000 STRANGE Tokens. According to are at the time of this writing 38,146 Holders & Traders of BTS.

Using this number, I get 7,000,000 tokens ÷ 38,146 users = 183.51991 which will be rounded to 185 tokens each.

From what I have found on, I have been able to identify only 5,186 users for which to send the initial distribution.

Once I begin the distribution 5,186 users x 185 tokens = 959,410 total tokens distributed.

The remaining tokens will be preserved between now and December 31st, 2017 for users who did not receive the initial distribution to contact me and I will be able to send them their portion. If the users who do not receive the initial distribution do not contact me by the deadline of December 31st, 2017, then the remaining portion of 6,040,590 STRANGE tokens will be burned, reducing the total supply.

Reserve (to be burned if not needed) of 9.5% of total, which is 950,000 tokens will be held to be used if necessary for other promotional endeavors, including but not limited to: additional sign-up incentives, additional STRANGE token contest, other advertising efforts, etc.

If they are not used by the deadline of December 31st, 2017, then the remaining portion of STRANGE tokens will be burned, reducing the total supply.

The distribution will begin after the posting of this blog today and will go until I am able to finish the list of 5,186 users, at which time another post will be made.

Thanks, and as always:

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.

UPDATE: Approximately 10% of the Distribution to Current BitShares DEX Users, so 10% of the 5,186 users on my list have now been distributed 185 STRANGE Tokens.

MichaelCreated by Michael Paine

Join me on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange
and I will be handing out a 1000 STRANGE Tokens as a reward for new signups.

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“You will never amount to anything!”


Introducing STRANGE: A BitShares User-Issued Asset (UIA)

This post originally appeared on steemit.

STRANGE “begins with open-ended, pragmatic tinkering that thrives on the unexpected.”

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There are several potential ways for STRANGE to be used as I discussed in Keepin’ It Strange.

One idea is issuing STRANGE for a TOKEN designed through a contest that can be held here on steemit and voted on by the community.

Additionally, distribution methods can be discussed and debated.

But first the facts:

Primary settings

PRECISION: 5 decimal places


Core exchange rate:



The STRANGE Token is as open-ended as the name suggest and is unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.

Inspired by Breaking Smart (, this UIA was created by StrangerArray ( with the idea of creating first and finding out after what we can best use it for. More details are sure to follow. → Which is this post.

Zoidberg Image
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What have I done?!

This idea is this:

The process is not even recognizable as a problem-solving mechanism at first glance:

1. Immersion in relevant streams of ideas, people and free capabilities
2. Experimentation to uncover new possibilities through trial and error
3. Leverage to double down on whatever works unexpectedly well

So here’s to “Tinkering versus Goals”.

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.

MichaelCreated by Michael Paine

Join me on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange
and I am considering handing out STRANGE Tokens as a reward for new signups.

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“Netflix has automated systems designed to deliberately cause failures in production systems.” 

Whoever Has the Crypto Makes the Rules

This post originally appeared on steemit.


“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – Faulkner

Breaking Free Art Image
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“I am talking about the creation of money and value out of thin air,” he continued. “Governments now look at [cryptocurrency] like it’s a novelty but the bigger it gets the less of a novelty it becomes.”

“And that is different than what the banks do?”

“Yes much different. We don’t just “make up money” we have to do much more than that.”

“How do you account for fractional-reserve banking then?”

“Through accounting. It is a widely accepted practice and has been around for a long time and thoroughly tested”

“Accounting has changed though, there used to be daily audits, now they are done quarterly, which with the increase in technological advancement, that has increased in time to do so by 9000%! Plus traditional accounting methods cannot reconcile microtransactions, most of your software only allows two decimal places, which is utterly useless now.

“Look, we don’t do anything wrong. We follow all the rules.”

“You and your kind made the rules.”

“That is just a popular lie told by conspiracy theorist.”

“Your ad hominems don’t change the truth.”

“Look, if you came here to argue you can leave.”

You called Bitcoin a “fraud” and then your company basically bought the dip. That’s market manipulation, which is not new to your firm. That’s fraud. Plus you said, and I quote, “It’s worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed.”. That sounds like a threat if you ask me. You merely fear this cryptocurrency movement because it threatens your power. You will no longer be the debt-slave master on top of the world…”


“Easy sir, you don’t have to shout. I’ll see myself out, sheesh…”

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.

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Beg Your Pardon

“He that will not submit to the labour of ploughing must submit to the shame of begging.”

The Folly Of Many

This post originally appeared on steemit.


“Buy High and Sell Low” – Said No One Ever

Trading Office Image
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In some ways I have changed, but in so many I am the same.

“Did you see that?”


“That trade, did you catch it? It was mega-huge dude! I can’t believe it, how did they know?”

Keith scratched his head. What did he miss? He was having a day like any other. Except for that he had been more distracted than usual. What day was it again?

“Keith, you with me bro?”

“Uh, yeah,” Keith stammered. “What do you think they knew?”

“They had to have some information to make a trade that big. Well, I guess we should see it on the news tonight, probably some catastrophe headed our way.”

“Right, I hate when I miss things. Did you open a report?”

“Of course, I can’t be caught dead making another mistake,” David disclosed. He had been reprimanded just last week for failing to report a trade he made above the daily limit.

Keith pulled up a new tab to check the cryptocurrency charts.

Focus Image
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“Keith, here take one of these,” David suggested holding out in his hand one of the latest designer nootropics.

“I don’t,” Keith waved him off.

David didn’t mind and placed the small pill on Keith’s desk next to his keyboard.

Keith stared at it.

He was losing it.

Keith balled his fist and rubbed his eyes. He couldn’t figure out what he was about to do.

“Wanna go out for drinks after work,” David suggested.

Keith looked up at him and blinked.

“Seriously dude, you need to get some help,” David advised as his turned and walked off.

Blur Office Image
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As he got up from his desk, Keith was feeling woozy.

I’m sick of all this he thought.

What was happening to his life?

He stumbled across the office to the nearest men’s room and haphazardly pushed open the door. Once inside he made his way to the nearest stall and swung the door open, dropped to his knees and vomited.

“More fun than the law allows,” Brad chuckled looking at the sad state Keith was in as he washed his hands.

Keith just shook his head a bit as he used the back of his sleeve to wipe his mouth before turning around and leaving the restroom.

Cell Phone Incoming Call Image
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When he got back to his desk, Keith noticed that his phone had an incoming call.

He hesitated to answer it but was afraid not to.

Reluctantly he swiped to accept the call.

“I told you never to call me on this number,” he tried to sound intimidating.

The man on the other end just scoffed, “Oh shut up! We saw that you completed the trade, your payment will be waiting for you at home.”

“Wait…,” Keith pleaded, but it was too late, the call had ended. He stared at his phone in his hand for a moment before his completely lost it. He screamed and threw his cell phone across the room. It broke into several pieces as it hit the wall.

Everyone in the office was looking at him now.

Keith didn’t care. He knew it was over.

There was nothing more he could do.

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


Created by Michael Paine

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Sandcastles In The Sky

“Credo quia absurdum; certum est, quia impossibile – I believe because it is absurd; It is certain that it is impossible” – h/t – Don’t Worry About the Vase

Floating Cities: Future Or Fantasy?

This post originally appeared on steemit.


“Deliberandum est diu, quod statuendum est semel — A final decision should be preceded by mature deliberation.”

Seasteading Image
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“Buy land — they’re not making any more!” so the old saying goes, but is it even true?

It seems more and more possible that with the concept of Seasteading that we should forget “buying” land and start “building” it.

In the form of floating Utopian islands, that is.

According to The Seasteading Institute, EST. 2008, they “empower people to build floating startup societies with innovative governance models.”

For many who are deeply intertwined in Libertarian and Cryptocurrency circles, this topic is old news, but for the world of new users to Steemit and hopefully BitShares, they may not have heard or seen of the possibilities that Floating Cities could provide.

But what exactly do Floating Cities bring, besides the possibility of being seasick?

Last year when I wrote Say Goodbye to Nation States, I gave my semi-amateur outtake on my observations of the changes in the world around us given the shifting political landscape.

I mentioned the possible shift from “Nation States” as overarching governing bodies to something more localized, perhaps even based on Online Communities or what I called “Virtual Regionalism”.

The problem of “Virtual Regionalism” is that we still have to actually live somewhere and that somewhere might not be the most conducive to our freedom.

So where do we go to get more freedoms?

These less free, of “Centralized” governments of “Nation States” came about “during a time of industrialisation, centralised ‘command and control’ bureaucracies and national loyalty.”

Now “modern technology tends in the opposite direction: it’s distributed, decentralised and uncontrollable.”

This is where we can remake the places we live into the places we need.

Diving Deeper

Patri Friedman, American libertarian activist and founder of The Seasteading Institute, had this vision for our future:

“Patri is taking the Silicon Valley mindset and applying it to the nation-state. There are all these things you could now do that didn’t exist when our current system of government was invented, he told me. Constant online direct-democracy voting, building smart-cities, using crypto-currencies. And yet we still use a 19th-century model.”

With concerns of government crack downs on cryptocurrency, it might be a good time to start thinking which institute is the future and which is best left to the past.

The idea of at least testing new ways to live, govern, and grow goes beyond our current time period, but is essentially the entire story of human history.

Remember: “The Revolution Will Be Decentralized!”

Seasteading Near Monaco Image
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Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.

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Routine Life

Congratulations on a routine life well lived.

Giving to Grow

This post originally appeared on my other blog that pays me, and you if you want, to post and to comment @


When I was younger, I never understood why companies spent so much money telling others about the good things they were doing.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Image
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I always thought they could better use the money for whatever they were raising it for rather than spending it on mailers, marketing, commercials and ads.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that the reason they spend so much on telling people about what they are doing is so that they can raise even more than they would otherwise!

Fair enough.

But is that enough?

Cash Salad Image
Image From Cartoon Network

What if there were a way to raise money, but not only for the immediate needs, but future needs too?

“If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you give him a growing endowment, you feed him for life.” – @stan

Now this sounds interesting!

The thing is, I live in Texas, but not near enough to Houston to be impacted directly by Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding.

But I know people who are down that way and I want to do something.

There is plenty of ways to give supplies, money and other things, but what is something unique that I got that I can use to “do more”…

Some Notable Heros –
J. J. Watt and Jerry Jones

That’s awesome, but I don’t have that kind of cash… How can a normal everyday guy like me be a HERO?

More from @stan:

“So, if you donate $30, it could grow to $30,000 collateral in two years while Harvey victims get a steady series of HERO payments that add up to $10,000 – without touching the $30,000 endowment you have cleverly built for them.”

Now that’s impressive!

This morning I decided to donate some of my own HERO to the cause with the hopes that it too will one day grow!

My BitShares Decentralized Exchange account is strangerarray07 and as you can see I gave 1.5 HERO to Help with Harvey Recovery!

Strangerarray07 HERO Image
Image Source

I wouldn’t normally publicize my givings, but I want to raise awareness of this special way to help Rebuild Houston!

Whatda’say wanna join me and be a HERO?

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


Created by Michael Paine
Follow me @strangerarray or buy me lunch because I am hungry for helping Harvey Victims.

Join me on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange
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Want to keep your crypto and get cash?
Sign Up for SALT Now!

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The Recluse

It is an original poem I wrote while mowing my lawn the other day.

“The Revolution Will Be Decentralized”

This post originally appeared on my other blog that pays me, and you if you want, to post and to comment @


“We will each be challenged. Our trust. Our faith. Our friendships. But we must persevere. And in time, a new hope will emerge.”– Master Obi Wan Kenobi

“Billions of excluded people can soon enter the global economy.” – Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott

Image Source


“We can protect our privacy and monetize our own information. We can ensure that creators are compensated for their intellectual property. Rather than trying to solve the problem of growing social inequality through the redistribution of wealth only, we can start to change the way wealth is distributed – how it is created in the first place, as people everywhere from farmers to musicians can share more fully, a priori, in the wealth they create.” – Blockchain Revolutionby Don and Alex Tapscott

Soon we all can say, “I am an enfranchised citizen of the global digital economy.”

If you couldn’t tell by now, I am sharing with you information from Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott because my copy of it just arrived and I am looking forward to all that they have in store!

I am not going to review it or write about it directly, but it is sure to influence my thinking and stimulate ideas of things to post about.

Mostly I just wanted to share with you, so that you too would be interested in checking it out and joining us in the Blockchain Revolution!

“So rather than predicting a blockchain future, we’re advocating for it. We’re arguing that it should succeed, because it could help us usher in a new era of prosperity. We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone, and this new platform is an engine of inclusion. It drastically lowers the cost of transmitting such funds as remittances. It significantly lowers the barrier to having a bank account obtaining credit, and investing. And it supports entrepreneurship and participation in gloval trade. It catalyzes distributed capitalism, not just a redistributed capitalism.
Everyone should stop fighting it and take the right steps to get on board. Let’s harness this force not for the immediate benefit of the few but the lasting benefit of the many.” – Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott

What ways am I involved in Blockchain Revolution?

So far the most obvious is here on steemit!

But also I am looking forward to using SALT, check out the video below!

Sign Up for SALT Now!

Other than that, I am on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange
in The Billion Hero Challenge! amongst other crypto-investments.

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And I have Giga Watt Tokens and joined the world’s first full-service mining solution provider.


The Only Question I Have Left Is:
How Are You Getting Involved?

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


Created by Michael Paine
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