How To Have A Wedding Under $10K

Do you want to throw a wedding for under $10k?

I have and will share with you how, but first I have a question for you:

Have you heard “Do You Believe In Love” by Huey Lewis and The News?

It’s terrible.

And creepy and pervy in a way…

I was walking
Down a one-way street
Just a-looking
For someone to meet
One woman
Who was looking for a man

Now I’m hoping (hoping)
That the feeling is right
And I’m wondering (wondering)
If you’ll stay for the night
So I’m coming
(I don’t wanna be lonely)
(Baby, please tell me)
I wanna love you all over

A less creepy, but equally strange quest for love story is that of Adam:

Adam’s search for a bride led him from the backwoods into town.

This idea was ridiculed by the town’s feedlot store owner as they laughed him out of the shop. But Adam was not dismayed. He proceeded to get some grub at the local tavern where he fortuitously met Milly.

What must have been the quickest courtship in history; Adam and Milly come to an arrangement to get married within a few hours of meeting.

The rest of the story unfolds in hilarity and song in the musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.

This is one of the few musical’s I actually like.

Well I might like more than I lead on… but that is not here nor there.

This reminds me of the 1956 musical My Fair Lady, which I’ve never seen.


But I have heard the memorable “Get Me to the Church on Time” song.

That goes:

I’m getting married in the morning!
Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime.
Pull out the stopper!
Let’s have a whopper!
But get me to the church on time!

I first heard this song hanging out with my older brother.

Don’t ask.

Anyways, the whole point of all this marriage talk is probably not what you think…

A Google search for “when is wedding season” returns:

Most wedding venues have a high and low season. In general, spring and fall tend to be more expensive (June and September are peak wedding months), whereas the winter months (January, February, and March) are often cheaper.


So whether you are gearing up or getting gussied up, for Day 106 of Claudia Altucher’s book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century: I get to come up with 10 ideas to make weddings fun and special and under $10,000.

Now I don’t have the exact cost of my wedding tabulated, and costs vary depending on what you consider as “part of the wedding”, but after calculating it over with my wife we came up with a total of about $3000 for our wedding.

Similar to what Claudia suggests, we had a small wedding with just family and a few close friends. Also we got married in December, which as you can see above is not “peak” wedding season.

Finally our wedding did not cost too much because we didn’t have too much to spend. The best part was all the contributions we received from our friends and family that even made having the wedding possible.

We had friends and family who financially supported us, provided music at the wedding, and we even had my sister-in-law’s father preside over our ceremony.

It was fantastic and beautiful.

Sarah and I could have had the wedding, or survive the last six years of marriage, without you all who were always there for us.


On to the ideas:

These might not work for everybody, but if you need to save money, well you need to save money…

1 It’s your wedding, but if you want guest there you might have to make some compromises… we could have saved on the Chapel reservation if we had the wedding on a weekday instead of the weekend.

2 We had just one cake instead of the traditional two bride and groom cakes.

3 We hired a friend and at the time college art student to take our wedding photos saving a ton!

4 Our wedding party was small, consisting of just a best man and matron of honor. Just reducing the size of the participants lowers costs on so many things.

5 We had an earlier wedding and had reception lunch instead of dinner. I’m not sure this saved us anything, but it could be a way to save depending on the menu items selected and the restaurants fees for reservations.

Plus this started the honeymoon earlier 😉

6 We didn’t order extravagant wedding invitations and additional “save the date” cards. Instead we used an online card maker to make our own simple invitations/”save the date” cards all in one.

7 I don’t remember specifically what we had in the way of flowers, table arrangements, and other decorations. Typical male memory… But these are three ways to save by having less or none.

Simple things are often elegant.

8 I bought our wedding and engagement rings from an online jewelry store Blue Nile. I didn’t compare prices with other retailers, but I am sure they have competitive if not better prices. This alone saves a great deal of money.

9 My wife saved a ton by having her wedding dress made special by hand. Her mother was gracious and skilled enough to make a fantastic wedding dress with a fine material. I know many laddies might not choose this but when you get down to it, it is the marriage that matters, not the dress…

10 Stay local. We got married at a small little church in town. Don’t have a destination wedding and you will save yourself and your guest tons.

Final tip:

Don’t stress. No other day of your life is “perfect” and neither will be your wedding day.

Unless you have really low standards… er I mean are really relaxed…

And with all the money we saved, we spent it on an unforgettable honeymoon trip!


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11 Shows The History Channel Needs to Produce

I don’t like to watch TV.

It is because I think I am better than everyone else who watches dumb TV shows.


I think I’ve had TV withdrawal before…

But seriously, I don’t like to watch TV because I get bored easily watching TV and here are 8 Other Reasons Why I Don’t Usually Watch TV.

But why do you care?

For Day 105 of Claudia Altucher’s book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century: I get to come up with 10 ideas of historical moments that could be turned into TV shows.

You would think that someone who has studied as much History as I have would have no trouble with coming up with ideas for this one. It seemed as if about half my undergrad classes where in some type of History or another. Trouble is that the more History you study the more you forget.

In fact, most all things you “learn” in class is forgotten quickly after. I’ve heard within 45 minutes.

No surprises there…

When developing these ideas I noticed a sort of “theme” emerging.

War, fighting, and conflict make for great story lines. There are opposition forces. Winners and losers. Strategy. Overcoming obstacles. Growth. Change. Victory and triumph! And great visuals…

And like any good TV series, any love line could be inserted…

A) Ebola Outbreak: Don’t Touch Your Friends

“The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting multiple countries in West Africa.” Sadly this wasn’t a major concern for many people until it was. When in early October a 44-year-old Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero, became the first person outside of Africa to contract the virus from this outbreak.

Then in September Eric Duncan flew from his native Liberia and landed on our doorstep here in Dallas, Texas. Talk about red alert and spreading concern! Even though there was not a high chance for contracting the disease, the whole area grew tense and suspicious of any “flu-like” symptoms.

Then the “Ebola Nurse” who doesn’t want to be know by that name…

And a doctor.

You see there are many story lines and angles to turn this into gripping television.

Sadly this is what it took for the rest of the world to take Ebola seriously…

B) Battle of Puelba: The Cinco de Mayo Story

Because we are not too far removed we might as well cover this topic.

Every year when the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo) rolls around, there are a flurry of “news” stories asking and describing why it is even celebrated or considered a holiday. I think a mini-series program could once and for all explain it and then the show/series could be brought up and referred to for any future generations.

Or shown in Spanish classrooms across America.

It could even become a tradition to watch it broadcast in the home every year like with Christmas movie specials…

C) The Texas Revolution – In the style of Liberty’s Kids

Being partial to all the interesting events in Texas History, the Texas Revolution is one that could make TV gold. Especially if done in the style of Liberty’s Kids, as PBS did for the American Revolution.

Getting Aaron Carter to do the intro would just make me faint with excitement…

Again this show could be played all across schools in Texas.

D) The Battle of New Orleans

This battle was “fought between December 24, 1814, through January 8, 1815, and was the final major battle of the War of 1812.” Interestingly enough it was fought after the Treaty of Ghent, “the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain”, was signed.

Too bad they didn’t have SMS.

This fact alone makes it interesting to me.

Start the show off with the Treaty of Ghent being signed declaring peace.

Then pan out and fly across the Atlantic to the U.S. and zoom into New Orleans where the battle is just about to begin…

Sprinkle in any romance as necessary.

E) Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden and the Battle of Breitenfeld, 1631

Gustavus has the reputation of “one of the greatest military commanders of all time”. That alone makes him worthy of a television series. Getting into the mind of such an influential figure has got to make for a thriller. And the Battle of Breitenfeld is said to be “his most notable military victory”.

With all the success of shows like Game of Thrones, it shouldn’t be too hard of a sell.

He is already “celebrated in Sweden, Estonia and Finland each year on 6 November, the day the king died at Lützen”. Meaning the show has a potential market already in place.

F) On Carl von Clausewitz

For this noted author of On War, I see a fictionalized retelling of Carl von Clausewitz’s story. He wrote the book over a long period of time and the show could have the significant events that led him to his formulations of military theories.

Open with Carl chillin’ in uniform with his bros.

Then the battle takes place.

Finish with Clausewitz wrapping up the episode penning a chapter of “Vom Kriege”.

Bam! TV ratings will explode. Or people will fall asleep…

Maybe just military history nerds will like this show. Tough sell.

G) Battle of the Bulge

Not that kinda of “bulge”…

Stick with me here.

This is about the major German offensive campaign against the Allied forces in WWII. “The surprise attack caught the Allied forces completely off guard”. I think Band of Brothers did a great job on WWII as a whole piece, and touch on this battle in episode 6, but the break down of this one battle might make for some interesting viewing.

The lead up to Hitler’s decision to attack. The significance of hitting hard the American forces. How the surprise was kept secret. The heavy toll to the German forces after the fact.

Plus the fact that it was “the largest and bloodiest battle fought by the United States in World War II” makes it worth a closer look via a TV series.

H) “Mr. Gorbachev – tear down this wall.” – Ronald Reagan, Berlin, 1987

These famous words were spoken in my lifetime. I just wasn’t old enough to care or understand at the time…

Looking at this amazing moment in history, it did not happen randomly that one day Reagan just decided to drop by Berlin and make such a bold statement. There is much more to the story.

A series showing the lead up to this moment. The portrayal of life on both sides of the wall. The swelling emotion as the wall came down. And the ensuing transformation of East Germany afterwards. All elements for a great show.

I) 1901 Texas Oil Boom

Starting in Spindletop on January 10, 1901, the course of Texas History took another dramatic turn!

This find berthed the formation of multiple oil companies and changed the face of the industry.

Investors began to balk at pouring more money into drilling with no oil to show for it.

Tensions leading up to the find must have been through the roof. There had to be desperation. Dry hole after dry hole and disappointment. “Spindletop was the largest gusher the world had seen”, making this a story worth retelling.

I am sure there must have been all sorts of drama involved and the turn of the century is a great time to put on TV because you can sprinkle in stuff about the soon to be President Theodore Roosevelt, which will have your viewers tie into the next series.

J) Panama Canal – A Pipe Dream

We rejoin Theodore Roosevelt for all the drama surrounding the U.S. decision to be involved in the construction of the Panama Canal. Edmund Morris does a great job retelling the tale in Theodore Rex and could be referenced as research for the show to be successful.

The high political theater of the question of “Is it even necessary?” and what about a“Nicaragua canal” instead?

French failure on the project left many concerns. Malaria killed thousands of workers. And local politics played a part in the picture as well.

There is so much here for a TV series to explore.

K)Teapot Dome Scandal

Oil is always controversial. And who has control and power over it is always worth looking into.

“Before the Watergate scandal, Teapot Dome was regarded as the “greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics“”. Again any “greatest” in history event is must watch television.

I don’t want to just paste the history of the whole event, so just check it out here.

If that doesn’t make for an exciting show, then you must not have a pulse. Or maybe you like anything other than history…

Also read this if you want to knowHow to Make History”.

As for me, I’m gonna go see what’s on TV…

maybe one of my other show ideas…


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Hot Sports Opinions

This may come as a shock.

I am not exactly up to speed on all the celebrity gossip.

Truth be told I do click on the articles from time to time when a headline grabs my attention.

Which is not hard to do when I am just passing time…

Well I might not be up to speed on general celebrity news, but I do listen to an abundant amount of sports talk radio.


For one thing it is the least annoying thing I’ve found to listen to on the radio. And after awhile I just came to like it.

I am not a huge sports fan. I was not very involved in sports growing up. I did play little league baseball, until I quit when I was 13 because of the coaching wanting to practice too much for my tastes. During recesses in elementary school I would usually be picked last because I was either the smallest or just about the smallest guy out there.

I’d play to be part of the group but I always felt like a marginal part.

I tried out for middle school basketball and didn’t make even the B or C team, let alone the A team.

I don’t blame them though.

I didn’t make a single basket in tryouts.

As for football, I was too afraid to have to shower in the locker rooms at school so I didn’t even try out. Plus I wasn’t that interested in it anyways.

I got really into hockey for a little bit. I even tried to learn to ice skate. But after I played one season of inline hockey I called it quits because I was terrible and I was usually winded from lack of cardio capabilities.

Never was interested in soccer. Looked like too much running.

Which is ironic that I had picked up running when I started to get in shape as a young adult. Mostly it had to do with the low price of entry into the sport and a lack of needing to rely on anyone else to participate.

So why the run down of of my sports history?

For Day 104 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to come up with 10 suggestions for a celebrity to reinvent. I’ve decided to pick 10 athletes that I think could use an image update and provide some ideas for each.

I have no real clue on how to be an image consultant or PR or anything like that but I will give it a go.

As a disclaimer I in no way support any of these athletes past behaviors not condone what they may have done. But if it wasn’t for those things I might not be choosing to give them ideas to turn things around…

Because of the recent NFL draft, we will start with some new Cowboys:

Randy Gregory was the Dallas Cowboys Round 2 pick at number 60.


And shortly after got this…


Now I am new to being a football fan, but from my limited understanding, getting drafted does not equal making the team.

Getting a tattoo of a team you may or may not be on… well that just ain’t smart.

And there has been much talk about how smart Randy might be that he failed a drug test he knew he would be soon taking…

Besides any other off the field issues, I would suggest to Mr. Gregory that he find a team of experienced counselors to work out some of his issues that have been brought up. There is nothing wrong with talking to someone and getting some things off your chest. Hopefully he turns from drug use and realizes that clean living will help him be not only a better player, but just be more capable to live a more fulfilling life.

He is not the first to be in this sort of position and won’t be the last… so I am sure there are people out there that can help him. I just suggest he seeks them out.


Greg Hardy once introduced himself as the Kraken from Hogwarts.

As funny as I find that…. which I find hilarious, I think things like this do not go over well with the general public. Not that that matters, but at some point if you are in the public eye, it is necessary to be conscientious of it.

Hardy recently got handed down a 10 game suspension for his involvement in a domestic abuse case. Obviously I am against violence towards women. However, Hardy like anyone needs forgiveness and grace. Now I encourage him to not continue any such actions from here on out, but after his penalty he should be given a chance.

In Dallas he has that chance to start over.

Now this may sound ridiculous in regards to a sports star, but I would recommend Greg stay away from the dating scene for at least a year. This might sound extreme but getting your head and heart right is no silly thing. If self-control is a problem in this area it would be good to put these things aside until a later time.

Focus up on football and do awesome and in the future you’ll have the rest of you life to work on forming a healthy relationship.


Last but not least, Tony Romo.

Love him or hate him he has only one option to turn his image around and that is nothing less than winning the Super Bowl.

Sorry Tony. Hope it works out for ya…


Turning to the Diamond, let’s visit the Rangers:

Josh Hamilton

His return to the team is not universally well received. Upon departing he said that Dallas-Fort Worth was “not a true baseball town”. Now to be honest it is silly to hold this against him, but that he would not straight out say he was sorry when he came back did not help put him in a good position to win back fans.

My concerns with the guy is that he had a know past problem with drug use and then decided to move out to LA anyways…

I don’t know much about LA and I could be totally wrong, however my internet news is usually full of negative news from the City of Angels. And much of the news involving Josh’s drug of choice…

From what I understand Hamilton is planning on putting back together a support group of guys he can turn to in hard times. Good for him if he follows through.

It is hard to call someone and tell them about almost making a mistake or admitting to one after the fact.

Besides the serious drug issues, he should get counseling for his relationship that has come to an end in divorce. Now that it has happened, however he feels about it, healing still needs to occur. He has children to care for and needs to at least do well in his own life to be a positive father for them.

For the fans?

Stop being a jackass.


Derek Holland seems like a good dude…

And may not move your needle as needing an image update. But he does.

He missed most of last season from tripping on his dog Wrigley on the stairs… well in his story at least.

Also he may have been playing a pickup game of hockey with some Dallas Stars hockey players and… well that is just a “rumor”.

Then there is Derek’s twitter that may not be inauthentic but comes off as one huge braggy. Almost channeling CJ Wilson

Also his injury this season has put him out of play again…

With pitching a huge need for his team, it would be good if Derek could get healthy.

To help with his image I would have him concentrate on doing his rehab assignments and not tell everyone about it.


While we are here let us not forget the ever controversial Rangers GM, Jon Daniels.

This guy is younger and from New York. That is basically two strikes we can’t do anything about.

His potential third is all the what seem to be hap hazard trades.

He made some fans mad with letting both Hamilton and Ian Kinsler go. Both bad mouthed him and the Rangers after. And it is not clear how much he may have had to do with the ousting of the beloved Nolan Ryan.

Also the acquisition of Prince Fielder was a bust last season, but things seem to be coming around this year, kinda… Then we also have the Shin Soo Choo contract that is just a hot mess and given his low batting average this season, things are not looking with him.

What should Jon do about this image problem?

Probably what he already is doing, which is mainly ignoring it. He seems genuinely interested in putting together a winning team. Turns out it is harder than it looks. Ever even try to play fantasy baseball? Geeze.


Now that they got knocked out of the playoffs, let’s talk Mavericks

I’d say Rajon Rondo needs to work on his image, but he is pretty much gone from the Mavericks given that his contract was up at the end of the season and his resulting poor performance in the post-season. He still should work on his image as being a cry baby but given that he most likely won’t be back with the Mavs, let’s move on…


Dirk Nowitzki

The Big German has done Dallas a great service. He is the reason this town has any major sports championships this decade. Let alone this century and millennium… The Stars in 1999 were the most recent title winners before that with their Stanley Cup win.

But Dirk is going on 37 this summer and although his hometown discount has helped the team get some potential, they have fallen flat (see above). Dirk himself didn’t have that great of a season and playoff appearance. So if he is going to be playing for awhile to come he should consider taking on the role of the Sixth Man. Sorta like The Jet when he was at his end with the Mavs.

Nowitzki has weathered some media storms with personal life issues in the past and has come out well so I don’t know if he needs any advice there.


Turning to Golf we do got a guy with a rocky image…

Tiger Woods

As you can tell I thought he might be a robot. I mean come on with the “activation” excuse…

He has had past marital infidelity that may be forgotten by most, but that sorta personal stuff does affect profession play if he wants to admit it or not…

And making his way back from injury before he was ready just makes him look foolish. I understand you don’t get to such a high level without a deep drive for competition, but what is he after? Another masters win? He won’t get it hurt so he might as well slow down and get it together. Physical health is going to matter more to him the older he gets and if he gets it right he might be able to play his way into the sunset in the Senior PGA someday.

Tiger, you were big when you were young, and now new young blood is in the lead, so don’t disgrace yourself, fade away quietly into the night.


Lastly I want to turn to something that has an even harder image problem to deal with then all the rest combined.

That is Women’s Sports.

Women are great athletes.

Women’s sports don’t get as much positive media coverage as they should. It usually is some kid-sister type of story that is second to whatever the boys were doing.

I think the main thing they can do is try to be more unique and not try to be just a female version of the guys games. The competition level is just not at the same level and where it is it is not evident.

Make the female sports different by adjusting rules to increase scoring and up the action levels.

The sports where women dominate should take more of a leading role and center stage as a highlight of what is right in their sports world.


Now that I’ve got out my HSO’s the world of sports will be a better place for us all to enjoy.

But I’ve got to go follow any clickbate on the internet to find out what the Kardashian’s are doing.


P.S. Want to know who influenced me the most?

I will give you a hint, one was James Altucher.

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature him along with eight other prominent people.

The story will tell how I discovered them, and why you should care.

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How to Solve World Problems


“It’s because I haven’t courage,” said Samuel. “I could never quite take the responsibility. When the Lord God did not call my name, I might have called His name – but I did not. There you have the difference between greatness and mediocrity. It’s not an uncommon disease. But it’s nice for a mediocre man to know that greatness must be the loneliest state in the world.” – East of Eden, John Steinbeck

Maybe I’m humble.

However my humility is not complete.

Maybe it’s hubris.

I think I’m great.

But that can be dangerous.

In Crime and Punishment “Raskolnikov justifies his actions by comparing himself with Napoleon Bonaparte, believing that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose.” He thinks he is destined for greatness and that all he needs is to do one act to get him started, but it turns out much different than he imagined…

Or maybe I’m just lazy.

Truth is I don’t have a clue and could probably come up with several thousands of excuses.

It is not that I don’t care.

I just don’t think about it.

What exactly?

World Problems.

Honestly I am a bit frayed when it comes to problem solving. Sometimes I just want to relax and let things be the way they are and not worry about “fixing” things.

Obviously that doesn’t help with real problems that need to be solved, but I’ve never really considered myself to be the one to solve them.

Did Steve Jobs ever really say “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”? And while I’m at it, does it matter who says any famous quotes? Is not the truth the truth regardless of the source? Or does the source make something more true? Or maybe the source makes it more meaningful?

I have never thought I could change the world.

But I do.

The difference being: on what scale?

I believe all of our lives matter, that we each have significance, and that we have purpose and meaning to our lives. What we do and how we treat other people we are around are just as world changing as solving overarching world issues. They just might not be as glamorous.

Encouraging others and showing kindness might not make magazine or newspaper headlines, however it may mean the world to someone. It might impact them so deeply that they do go on to do the big things the world needs. It takes a village.

We are all interdependent.

For Day 103 of Claudia Altucher’s book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century: I get to come up with 10 World problems that can be solved by technology and what is the next step.

These topics carry some heavy political ramifications, however my aim is to show what people can do without specific governmental involvement. That doesn’t mean the government will allow it, just that we are not necessarily relying on them to solve our problems for us.

That said, the first topic is extremely politically related:

A) Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons

The authority over who is able to build and possess these dangerous objects is hotly contested. The technology I would consider that might help stop the proliferation would be some sort of high security software protecting the “how to build” the weapons.

However even if we stop this specific type of weapon from spreading, that does not change the root cause of people wanting to protect themselves by destroying others.

It would be necessary to upgrade defense technology as a precaution against those who do not agree to stop producing the nuclear weapons.

Perhaps there is a way to neutralize the effects of fallout radiation, although this would not help those located directly at the site of the blast.

John Hersey’s Hiroshima paints a vivid picture of the human impact from the use of nuclear weapons.

B) Armed Conflict

As previously stated, ending violence does not happen easily. The reasons are legion for armed conflict. And ending armed conflict does not put an end to conflict. There have been plenty of instances of domestic violence carried out without the assistance of anything more than the human body.

What ways could technology help?

Although peace and respect don’t come easy, perhaps technology that helped maintain clear boarders on territory to prevent conflicts; however there is always disputed territory…

Maybe something broader like a technology education program that teaches about why peace and respect are worthy of striving after. But then again that assumes people want to stop or change…

C) Spread Of Infectious Disease

This one I would like to see technology that eases the diagnostic process for infectious disease. Think you have the flu? Find out at home. No need to go to the hospital.

With this and other diseases there needs to be a low cost low tech device, maybe similar to a blood glucose monitor. But it would be easier if it worked with urine rather than blood. That would eliminate the need for needles.

Speaking of peeing on things to get results…

D) The Increasing Global Population

The world has a problem sustaining and adequately providing for the more than 7.2 billion people and counting that currently occupy this planet.

I had a sociology professor lament on how the population will continue to grow but in a harmful way of adding areas with populations that will exist in undesirable conditions.

Stopping the birth of humans can come in all flavors of political control.

Although education of the issue might help, I don’t think that will solve the problem.

Perhaps technology won’t solve this problem. A change in a cultures values, assumptions, beliefs, and expectations does not happen overnight, nor does technology assist directly in these changes. The hearts and minds of people are probably closer to the root of this issue than computers…

E) Availability Of Energy

The clear technology fix for this one is the development of sustainable energy sources and the reduction of reliance on energy in general. Transitions from incandescent and CFL bulbs to LED light bulbs will be one type of reduction in energy usage. The key will be determining similar ways to do this with other energy dependent devices.

To make energy more available perhaps some technology could be developed that would transport or transmit the energy in a more cost effective way.

Whatever the case is and however unlikely, I think it is a good idea to have a basic level of skills that can be performed independent of technology not only for worse case scenarios but also in the event of basic outages.

F) International Terrorism

I want to take a brief moment of aside here before I address the issue of terrorism.

I think it is pretentious to think some of these problems can actually be “solved”. They are not math problems, they are human life problems.

Terrorism will never be fully stopped.

Anyone could potentially be a threat to anyone at any time.

Later I’ll talk about hunger, but as long as life exists, the need to feed oneself will exist and so hunger will remain. We can probably do things to reduce the severity of these issues but they will never go away.

What technology can help with terrorism?

What freedoms and rights to privacy are you willing to part with in hopes of a false sense of safety?

Catch up is the name of the game it seems in these cases. Everything makes more sense in hindsight.

Perhaps the solution is not so much the prevention of terrorism, but the reduction of press and attention given to such events…

But who would be brave enough to stop listening and watching all the bad news?

They’ve spent billions ensuring you tune in and turn it up and keep it locked on.

But what does it do for you?

Does it improve your life to hear about shootings, bombings, beheadings, fires, destruction and death?

If the answer is yes, by all means continue to watch.

As for me I am struggling to tune out and turn off because it never makes my day better.

G) The Economic Situation

Here is how the economic situation can be improved: people take a more active role in their own lives.

Stop being a spectator and letting things happen to you. Stop waiting for others and having hope and expectations in a world that is no longer the same as it used to be. In fact it has always been changing.

For one idea use the internet to find out about how to Choose Yourself and the corresponding Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth.

H) Poverty

In part see above. We should help people take care of themselves.

Just because someone starts poor does not mean they have to always be or end that way.

As for the other bad situations faced by the poor, it would be best to do what we can to reduce the unhealthy conditions. It has been said, “The poor you will always have with you”, but that does not mean we do not have a responsibility to care for both the physical and spiritual needs of those less fortunate. This statement describes the reality of the situation, but it does not describe how life ought to be.

A technological advancement that could help with this is providing a network that people can access to better share resources. Perhaps an app linking groups in need to groups who have a desire to give.

I) Hunger

I don’t have any unique solutions to the hunger issue. I will mention two organizations that work towards helping with this problem:

Samaritans Purse does a great deal to help with all sorts of world needs but their ANIMALS AND AGRICULTURE projects help bring food sources and economic opportunities to those in need.

A organization with a similar goal is Heifer International.

A technology that allows these charities (and others) to voluntarily publicize their current supply levels and supply chain locations might allow them to work together to better attain their goals.

J) Lack Of Drinking Water

Some facts about the situation, from :

“1 billion people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in eight of the world’s population. 3.4 million people die each year from a water-related disease due to lack of clean water.”

“Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness. That’s over 4,000 child deaths every day.”

“98 percent of water-related deaths occur in the developing world.”

“About 2 in 3 people lacking access to clean water survive on less than $2 per day, with 1 in 3 living on less than $1.”

“The average North American uses 158.5 gallons of water a day (13 gallons in just flushing toilets). The average person in the developing world uses 2.5 gallons a day for drinking, washing and cooking.”

“An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than the typical person living in a developing country’s slum uses in a whole day.”

“The average weight of water women in Africa carry on their heads is 40 pounds, roughly equivalent to the average airport checked luggage allowance.”

Walk-4-Water wants to change this by getting people involved to help solve the problem.

Another organization is LifeSaver: working to end water poverty.


Samaritans Purse also has WATER PROJECTS.

Lastly the Drinkable Book.


Again an app that allows these charities (and others) to voluntarily publicize their current supply levels and supply chain locations might allow them to work together to better attain their goals.

It would be like a super-charity!

K) Lack of Toilets

This is serious.

It goes beyond just a desire for comfort when relieving oneself.

“Lack of toilets dangerous for everyone” says UNICEF.

Mr. Toilet and the World Toilet Organization is working to solve this problem and maybe now you will too…

What can technology bring to the bathroom?

I don’t know but there is opportunity here for something to help make the world a better place to poop.

In summation

I don’t have a clue on what to do to solve world problems but I hope these organizations can be a place we can all contribute to in order to help in part to make the world a better place.


P.S. Want to know who influenced me the most?

I will give you a hint, one was James Altucher.

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature him along with eight other prominent people.

The story will tell how I discovered them, and why you should care.

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself by joining me to Conspire to Inspire.



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Day Trippin’… Searching For Something


I could have ended up in jail, the hospital, or worse…

My heart was racing.

All that I could think was that I was going to die.

The cars were coming right at me over 70 miles per hour!

That sign, yeah, it turns out it was meant for me…

But before I explain what happened let me tell you about how I got there.

You may have or have not noticed that I did not blog yesterday. And my idea machine blog has stalled out as of late. This begs the question, am I giving up?

Short answer:


Longer answer:


Story answer:

Remember way back when on April 14th I showed you how you had 270 SHOTS TO MAKE $1.8 MILLION? To quote myself, like any good writer, “The point being that I want to focus on something else. And that mainly is my writing. I have been having less than stellar stories and posts because they were focused around the idea list.”

And also, “This may seem counter intuitive but I will not necessarily be posting them everyday like I have been for the last 90 days.”

I forgot this specifically, but rereading it makes me feel better. My past self knew my future self would need this. This is one of the few times past Michael didn’t screw things up for future Michael.

Time machine high-five!

With that being cleared up for me, and maybe you, I can write the rest of this story with a peace of mind and better clarity.

But first a confession: I have not been on track with Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine. Day 102 when I shared HOW STARBUCKS DIDN’T HAVE TO LOSE $4 MILLION AND 9 OTHER BOOK IDEAS was my last time I did ideas from the book. I have however come up with ideas everyday, not necessarily ten, but I should get back into it.

If you spoke with my wife she would probably describe me as being “burnt out”. This is probably accurate, even though I would never admit to it. I have so much excitement and enthusiasm for life now that I am becoming an idea machine that I come up with more and more things I want to do all of the time. The probably is that I only have so much time and so I need to stop trying to do everything.

The sad part is that I am going to have to give up somethings that I like, and some that I don’t, in order to move on to bigger and better things. It is like a gardener pruning. In fact I have been pruning in several areas of my life. But more on that later.

When I reached a point of utter exhaustion I knew I needed a break.

I didn’t have to have much time away to feel refreshed, but I know I will need more.

And I never felt more alive.

Sometime I want to tell about my other trips around Texas, but for now I will share what I did yesterday. When I was in college I had gone on a few trips for two to three days. I only outlined where I was going and the major highways to get there. I took a minimal supply of food and no change of clothes. It was awesome.

Back then I had come up with several destinations for other trips, but I had never made it out to these other locations. I mostly aimed at Texas State Parks because well I live in Texas and getting outside is what I was mostly aiming to do. I have been all over from east to west, north to south and loved every mile of it. I am fortunate to call such a diverse and large state my home sweet home.

As for my trip yesterday I had a location nearby that I had yet to get over to and that was Eisenhower State Park. I had no real plan other than I wanted some time away from my ordinary routine rather than wasting away a day off. Also I wanted to reflect on a recent Ask Altucher Ep 257: How Does James Focus to Get Everything Done Every Day? In this podcast James and Claudia discuss following Warren Buffett’s 5/25 rule.

This really hit home to me because I was struggling to try to do too many things.

I thought well I have a thousand things I want to do so I will not limit myself to a list of 25. Maybe a list of 100, but not 25. But first I needed to get away and clear my head and try to find out what was important to me and what I liked doing. What better way than to get outdoors and breath some lake air?

014 018

Before heading straight to ESP, I stopped by another outdoor location for some time to see if that would be good enough. I wandered around the forest for about 30 minutes before I came to a swamp. I had already gotten a layer of mud caked on the bottom of my shoes so I wasn’t exactly afraid to get dirty…

But I didn’t want to wade up to my knees in swamp water either.

So I turned around and soon made my way back to my vehicle. I knew I could turn around and head home then, but I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do yet. I had already decided I would go north if that first park didn’t work out for me. And so I did. But being on an adventure is no fun if all you do is take the highway.

So I didn’t.

I decided to follow the back roads to get to the state park. And that is where I almost died. Even with the help of GPS I was unable to tell what was going on when I got to a certain intersection. I could see where I wanted to go but I didn’t know what was going on with the road configurations or the map on my phone.

I did what any wild eye explorer would do.

I went for it.

I though for sure I was heading in the right direction. Then I noticed that the yellow road line was on the right side.

I wondered to myself is that correct or is it usually to the left?

That is when I saw the “Do Not Enter” signs next to the “Wrong Way” signs.

But they seemed pointed towards the other road right next to me on the side over there…

I was not sure and that is when I saw the cars coming straight at me.

Quickly I realized that I was on the exit ramp on the highway headed into oncoming traffic! I was far enough along it I didn’t want to stop and turn around or backup for fear of the cars that might hit me. So I did the only thing I could think of which was to go for it! I pressed on the gas to get to the end of the ramp, swung the wheel right to turn my gar in the right direction and then punched it!

The cars behind me were not too close but I bet they thought I was an idiot or something.

Fortunately I managed to get through the rest of the trip safely.

At Eisenhower State Park I did a little bit of tromping around, climbed over and on and up some rocks. It was exhilarating. I got even more muddy on a trail later. And then I took a few pictures.

I found a feature I never knew existed called “Surround shot” that allows for a 360 degree spherical panorama of where you are taking the photo from. I hardly ever take pictures so maybe you knew about this already. I don’t know how to share it online but I will if I can figure it out. Also I just took a regular panorama too.


On the way back I drove by a historical monument. It was the birthplace of Dwight D. Eisenhower. I guess that is why the local park is named after him. I didn’t stop because I didn’t want to get out of the car. I did peer over and saw the old house. Nothing fancy. But hey that a place from 1980 is still standing is cool. I am sure they have preserved it well and might be worth checking out.

This brings up the last point I want to touch on for today, which is mainly despite my claims about geography being dead, it is hard to argue that it is also alive and well. The concept of place may be diminished by the internet, but the effects of location continue to be far reaching.

From the simple things in life such as the food you eat or clothes you were, to more subtle things such as what types of entertainment you prefer or from what sources you get your news, location matters. I was thinking how interesting a town like Denison, the birthplace of Eisenhower, truly is.

Maybe the people there love it and enjoy life and want nothing more. Maybe some feel trapped in the past and can’t wait to get out. Perhaps others wish the rest of the world would stop encroaching and threatening to change what was once a simple life. Whatever the people there think I feel like I would not want to live there.

There is nothing inherently wrong with that town, to the extent of my limited knowledge, however there is nothing thrilling there either. It is so far away from major sporting events. From major cities. From mainstream. But perhaps this is a good thing. Perhaps some great thoughts are being cultivated there. Perhaps another great world leader had been born within their midst.

These things can’t be known now, but the impact of location continues to shape our lives. What will the weather be like depends on where you live. What will happen if you have no food or house? Depends if there are local shelters or others in the community who can help take you in. What will you do if your love one dies? Who will you get to fix your roof? These decisions are usually dependent on where you are located.

I am sure there are a thousand other examples.

When I finally sat down that evening to write out my 1000 things I wanted to do, I only can up with 8.

Maybe there are more, but choosing 5 of 8 might just be better in the long run.

We’ll see…

And none of them hopefully will have me end up in jail, a hospital, or worse.


P.S. Want to know who influenced me the most?

I will give you a hint, one was James Altucher.

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature him along with eight other prominent people.

The story will tell how I discovered them, and why you should care.

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself by joining me to Conspire to Inspire.



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How Starbucks Didn’t Have to Lose $4 Million and 9 Other Book Ideas

Doubts. Worries. Fears.

If I don’t admit to having these I am lying.

I don’t have any of these.

That’s a lie.

It was a test to see if you and I were paying attention.

Attention is a form of payment. You can give it and you can get it.

You can beg for it. You can bargain for it. You can buy it.

But why do we all crave it so?

Are there others who do not have this hungry ghost of wanting attention?

Some people desire it so greatly that they do anything even if it gets them negative attention, because getting attention in any way (positive or negative) gives the same internal satisfaction. Sure we might have hurt feelings from the negative attention, but the attention was acquired and that was the end goal.

Or am I just the only one here?

That is a different metaphysical rabbit trail I refuse to follow…

Anyways, back to life, back to reality

What would make this a good post to be worth value to be worth your attention?

How about a list and a FREE gift

For Day 102 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to come up with 10 Books I could write today, under 40 pages that could give value.

Claudia dares us even to write and publish them, which I may. However I actually have done this with the first book. You may have noticed… or not. It is that whole attention thing again…

1. Conspire To Inspire: Everything Is Awesome When You Are Part Of A Team


I wrote this book and it is available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle, CreateSpace in paperback.


For YOU it is FREE.

Now this is not a FREE thing where you give me your email.

It is not a FREE thing where you sign up to follow me (allow I encourage it).

It is not a FREE thing that you have to give me a review once you read it (that would be nice though…).

It is 100% FREE digitally in PDF by clicking the following link:                       .

It is yours for nothing.

Now why I think it has value for you. It is a story of inspirational and influential people. There are eight profiles, one is Claudia, and then I ask YOU for your inspirational story. Why I think my story about these people are valuable to you? I think my story will give you encouragement to look into the lives and work of the influencers. The influencers are valuable for you to consider how they could change your life. At the very least I think it has value to entertain.


2. All Natural: Being 100% You

This is a book I am in the process of writing with my wife. In short, it’s about how living a life that is authentic is better for you and everyone else. It shares our stories and struggles with finding our way in this 21st century world where we juggle the spaces between our “in real life” self and our “online self”. This book will focus on how we feel like our lives where improved by changing our thinking on some key issues like tying to live the “American Dream”, how we Avoid Burnout, and something else. I forget and don’t want to go look…

Stay tuned and we will let you know when we release it for purchase and when there are free copies available.

This I think will have value to YOU in following ways:

  • Encourage you to be authentic and not afraid of what people think about you
  • Entertain you with our stories
  • Inspire you to take action on things that will make your life better

And hopefully much, much more…


3. 10 Weird Spelling Tricks and Why You Should Ignore Them

This is valuable because it takes a look at what we are taught as “norms” and “rules” and then turns them on their head (so to speak). I don’t have 10 spelling rules or tricks yet, but if I put my idea machine to it I think I could.

For example I always remember the phrase “i before e, except after c”. Although this might be true, I can never figure out when and why to apply it. Maybe that’s just me… I have never been a spelling genius, but look at me now… I’m a writer. Go figure.

I think it is a good rule to ignore spelling and grammar rules because language is fluid. The words and grammar constructs we now use have not always been. In fact English has not always been. So why hold fast and hard to rules that in 1000 years may be a footnote in history when we all speak a new and better language?


4. New Math For Old Minds

I don’t have kids.

I have worked in the school system as a substitute for four years.

Nowadays there is going around an idea of “new math”. Well this book would explain that in simple terms to parents. It would show what “old math” was  and what “new math” is and then describe the transition and the reasons behind it.

It will be valuable because it shows people why it changed and what they can do about it.


5. How to Stay in Business During A System Failure

Here is looking at you Starbucks.

According to one estimate “at the end of the day, $3 or $4 million lost”. This article says it is just a “drop in the bucket. Plus, the company probably won over a bunch of customers giving away free coffee.” Which may be true, but I don’t have $3 or $4 million and I bet you don’t either and I bet Starbucks would prefer to, that is why they do what they do…

As much as I love free coffee and like that some stores did this I have another idea. I go to Starbucks occasionally, and I happened to try to go this past Friday when this outage occurred. The first store we rolled up to I noticed the guy stacking the chairs upside down on the tables.

A clear sign of closing time, which around 6:30pm on a Friday was unexpected.

As I drew nearer to the door I saw a paper sign with sharpie.

I didn’t even have to read it to know…

They were closed.

Well I live in America. And North Texas. So There were a million other Starbucks, surely we would just pop over to the next one. Perhaps I should have read the paper sign…

The next one was closed.

Then the next one.

My book would have helped them earn maybe not the $3 to $4 million but at least a portion of that.

So their Point of Sale Register system went down. Meaning no computer to ring up drinks and keep track of sales and no way to accept credit and debit payments…

Here is the thing. Any store manager could have still taken CASH. Write down everything! Write down the orders with pen and paper. Write down the prices. Most cashiers have them memorized or could calculate them (I hope…).

This would alienate non-CASH customers, but it would still earn some money.

Or this UNORTHODOX ALTERNATIVE. A store manager may have gotten fired for this, but they might not have if they were the only store to still hit their sales numbers in the midst of an outage. The store manager could have set up a dedicated PayPal account, or other online account and then accepted payment through a system like that. There is Square Cash and a whole host of other similar options.

Like I said this may be unsanctioned and even fire-able. But when you are the only store to have made money you should hold your head up proud and come find me, I would hire you for being smarter than the machine.

Again you would have to document everything and probably eat the transaction fees, but hey some of $3 or $4 million is better than none…


6. Why Writing Is Good For Your Health

This is a valuable book about making your life better by encouraging you to write every day. It will examine others who have done this very thing as an example and guide you on how to start for yourself.


7. Trading To Win

This book will be about trading and show you that it can be win-win and not have to be win-lose. Ever make trades in Monopoly? Not likely to happen unless it benefits both parties. Same as in the game, same in life. People don’t want to lose, they want to win. And if you both win, then better!

The NFL draft is a great example of making trades. Trade up? Trade down? As long as it helps your team and the other team get what you think you need/want then you both win.

Or ever see about Kyle and his one red paper clip?

And then there is the TV show Barter Kings.

Whatever the example, I think there is a ton of value in learning the trade of trade.


8. Making Sense of Auto Insurance

I know I would get this book. If you save 15% or more on your car insurance… wait that is someone else’s commercial…

My book would show the ins and outs of buying car insurance to newbies and a few tips for the old pros. What exactly is a deductible and how much should it be? What about comprehensive coverage? Collision?

What do all these words mean? And how can I get the best deal?

Well read on…


9. How to Sell EVERYTHING: The Complete Guide to a Successful Garage Sale

Often times at the end of a long hot day, you end up moving everything back into your garage and seeing that you didn’t even make enough cash to cover lunch out that day…

Why did you not sell EVERYTHING?

This book will take a look at how to make a garage sale successful.

It will include things like DON’T sell anything you don’t want to get rid of. Seriously. If you don’t want to part with it, don’t put it out for sale.

Do make deals. On EVERYTHING. This mean having realist expectations on what the value of things are. The true value. The secondary market value. The garage sale value. Hint: It is any price someone will give you for it. I wanted $100 for something. Nope. I wanted $50 for it.  Nope. I got $30. I could have not sold it because I didn’t get the “value” I wanted, well nobody but this lady wanted to buy it, and I wanted to sell it. Deal! +$30.

Making realistic goals and hitting them. I wanted to get $100 for the day. We did!

Giving away items. Having a FREE section/box. Plus we gave away sodas and waters with every purchase. Someone would be holding something and be on the fence about buying it. I would go up to them and tell them about the free drink promotion and ask them which one they wanted, then get it and put it in their hand. Now they wanted the drink, so they bought the items.

The book will cover these ideas and so much more…


10. Kiss “Debt Free” Goodbye! Why Financing EVERYTHING is the New Normal

I applauded people who are debt free. I understand why you might want to be. But is this just another thing you are chasing to feel like your life is complete or satisfied? For me it was an object of focus and attention.  Am I debt free? No. Do I want to be? Sure. Will I be? Not soon.


We live in a different world than the minds that encourage us not to be in debt.

We are born in debt. We live in debt. We die in debt.

Debt is life.

What happened?

Saving up cash for a car might have been reasonable and doable when it could be bought for $500 in the 1980s. What about now? A base model starts at $12K used! How long does it take to save that in cash especially if you only make $15/hour. Which if you do might be good or high comparatively speaking to that of the minimum wage. Math is $12,000 divided by $15 = 800 hours. And that is not including income or other taxes, and all the other living expenses you have between the time you start and the time you end. So if you could work just 800 hours at 40 hours per week and dedicate it strait to paying for a car (which you need to get to the job…), it would take you 20 weeks or almost half a year.

I just pointed out one of the reasons you get a car financed, you need it to get to work to earn that income. Now there are other ways to earn income and make money nowadays that are better than making a per hour wage, but for the sake of argument, let us not include that at the moment. Not all people have to do this, but many think they do. For them until they find other sources of income, passive and other investments, they will be trading hours for dollars and they will need to finance things.

One you make several forms of income and have higher cash flows, then perhaps you can save up and pay cash for everything. But even then you might not want to. Why would you sink a 20% down payment into buying a house when you could have that cash liquid? Think about it this way, 20% of a $200,000 house is $40,000. Now paying that into your house may reduce your monthly payment, which might be a goal or yours.

I am not a mortgage lender so this numbers are not specifically how it works (given that I am not even accounting for taxes, insurance or interest) but let us take a look anyways as some simple math. Over the life of a 30 year loan of $200,000 you would have 360 payments of approximately $555.55. If you reduce the principle of the loan by the 20% you have $160,000 and over 360 payments of approximately $444.44. Now I know there is interest and the rest… but purely on these numbers that is only a savings of about $111.11 a month. Which may or may not be useful to you. But $40,000 cash to invest in something that returns much more may be of infinite value to you… but you have to decided and do the work and that is more than what most people want to do.

The choice is yours, but with more and more things being financed, and several even at 0% at times, the question no longer is “will you be debt free” but rather “how best to manage your debts”.

Financing is here to stay. People make too much money off of it to have it go away. Prices are rising due to financing. Look at college tuition. If it weren’t for financing they couldn’t get away with charging so much. But they do, because they know they can get it funded by lenders who know they can get it paid back by you…

I could go on, but maybe if I write it, you will have to buy the book, that is unless I give it away free…

I do have fears, worries, and doubts… but I just find ways to work around them because the show must go on. Or because what the hell else am I gonna do?


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One Looks So Much Cooler…

Lazy or Hardworking?

Sometimes I wonder if I am lazy with fits of productivity and hard work or if I am a productive hard worker with fits of laziness. Better yet why even put a label on it? Either way it doesn’t really describe exactly what I want to bring up. Plus what exactly does “hard worker” mean anyways. You have a difficult time doing things?

I just saw this quote by Guy Kawasaki and his article “Let’s Stop the Glorification of Busy” with which I agree. However that is not what I want to bring up either.

So out with it!

I have been thinking much about why I have not wanted to do anything.

Here is what I came up with:

  • I can’t do what I want so I don’t want to do what I don’t want to do.
  • I have to do what I don’t want to do so I don’t want to do it.
  • I can do what I want but I have been waiting or making excuses not to do it.
  • In an attempt to avoid rejection or failure, I have not started/tried to succeed.
  • I have a strange liking of the feeling of procrastination.

    And that is the one I want to address.


Dear Procrastination,

I love you. Seriously. I do but I am not breaking up with you. In fact I am just going to include you in my life in a more fitting way. When you come I will not fear you. I will not fret about you. I will not wring my hands and pity myself for you.

Instead I will accept you procrastination for who you are. I will embrace you. I will love you. When I have a ton of experience (which is overrated) in something it can be useful to realize that if something works sometimes just let it work. I don’t have to change everything for the sake of change. I have been successful at procrastination. I have waited until the last minute and then pulled through with flying colors.

I shine under a deadline. Or at least get by well enough to live another day. I don’t know specifically. What I do know is that I have been thinking in the former way of things on the view of procrastination. Now I want to usher in a new era of accepting procrastination as part of myself and my process. I have studied for 30 minutes before test and made perfect scores. I have waited until right before presentations and then done fine.

At the very least I should be okay with it because I keep doing it and don’t plan on changing.

Your new pal,


Also here are some other times I talked about being lazy:

I sometimes feel like my life is going nowhere.

That I am stuck.

It is usually for me when I let myself get overwhelmed by trying to take on too many interests at the same time. Or when I am being particularly lazy and just doing the same simple things over and over again but not trying changeling things. I don’t know really when I feel this way. It is when I let myself do things the “easy way”.

Once I told a counselor that I could get things done without much effort but I was not really feeling fulfilled by anything. He basically asked me, “Why do you do things half-ass?” I was angry with him because he was right. I did, and sometimes do, things half-ass. I need to give my best effort to feel like I am not just wasting away.

With this new view on procrastination I will not feel stuck. When I am delaying I will be resting. I am a word wizard. And to be honest the words you use matter because they can change your thoughts. You can change how you view things by how you describe them. I am sure most all of you have heard of the view of being “poor” or being “rich but without any money right now…”. I think I read that in one of Guy Kawasaki’s books also.


It’s not my job

This is a lazy excuse. If this is your outlook then you are probably miserable in more than one way. Nothing is anyone’s job really. No one gets paid enough to do that. People either are mature. Or duty bound. Or think they “have to”. Whatever it is the job will get done. If it is not by you then you are not really a team player. Collaboration is growing greater than ever with the internet connecting everyone. So make things that aren’t your job your job so you can be more successful more able to take control of your own life.

Something not being someone’s job does not exactly have to do with procrastination. But it could…

You don’t want to do something so you put it off. And then when you are called out on it, you don’t take responsibility for it.

For me, I don’t use this excuse often, if at all…

What can we take away from this in relation to procrastination?

I don’t know. Do you have any suggestions?


Wasting So Much Of My Life

There is no simple story to wrap up what I mean by this one. I just feel that there has been several times in my life where I have been wasteful with my life. I have not been intentional with my time. I have not done things that are productive (not that you always have to be productive). I would just waste hours. I played computer games for several hours straight. I would watch TV for countless numbers of hours. I have binge watched Netflix. I am talking about being wasteful beyond just resting or relaxing. But indulgently being lazy and wasting time. One thing as I get older is I notice that time is something you can never get back. That how you spend it is important. Although the expression commonly heard is “time equals money” I think that is not true. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time.

For this I can be pro-actively procrastinating. Instead of indulgently being lazy, I can be doing something restorative for my body or mind. Relaxing, meditating, reading for fun, something other than stupid things. This was something Mark Ford hit on in a way in his book Living Rich. He suggest viewing things as “self-destructive habits”, “zombie behavior”, or “enriching experiences” and using “The Five-Minute Trick” to get yourself to do “enriching experiences”. “The Five-Minute Trick” being to tell yourself you will do something like “write your bestseller” for 5 minutes before you go watch TV. Then you will most likely spend more than five minutes writing your book but you broke down that barrier that was keeping you from getting started. Mark does a way better job going into the details of it and you should check out his book if you can get a chance.



I don’t allow myself to make excuses. If I do something wrong I admit it. If I don’t do something because I am lazy or don’t feel like it, I don’t make an excuse. I call it what it is and then accept it. It is better to live with truth then live a lie through excuses.

My new view of accepting procrastination fits with accepting not making excuses. Living with the truth is better than living a lie.


I did play little league baseball growing up and I loved it. I started around the age of 6 playing T-Ball. I played until I was about 13 when I quit because my coach wanted to practice everyday. Even though I was a skinny and sorta athletic kid I also am kind of lazy. I would always play at recess and once I learned how to inline skate and watched the movie Mighty Ducks, my friends and I would play street hockey.

Being friends with procrastinantion now does nothing for my past…

Moving on…


For Day 101 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to come up with 10 ideas for short YouTube videos I could make (or YOU could make…) that would teach something.

1 How to Have Email Etiquette
2 How to Talk Sports (Even If You Are Not A Sports Fan)
3 How to Find A Bathroom Quickly
4 How to Make Money At Your Next Garage Sale
5 How to Train Your Dog Tricks
6 How to Estimate Costs For Shipping Books On eBay
7 Ten Tips to Deal with Rejection
8 Ten Tips to Deal with Negative Criticism
9 Ten “Truths” About Banking That You Should Question
10 Ten Ways That Will Change The Way You Thing About Procrastination

So am I lazy or hardworking? You decide…


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